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ozone Sterilizer generator home air purifier

ozone Sterilizer generator home air purifier


You may have small pets in your home, but the truth is that if we don't sterilize them effectively, it's not healthy. Pet hair is a breeding ground for bacteria that we can't see.

Because some of the pollutants in the air get mixed up in your pet's hair, pets can get sick easily and even smell bad because of bacteria.

So how can we avoid these problems?


An air purifier might be a good choice,But buying the right and practical air purifier doesn't seem so easy.

We all know that ozone has the function of deodorizing. Ozone air purifier can not only remove the odor from pets, but also kill bacteria and inhibit the growth of bacteria.

The ozone air purifiers seem like a good idea. However, ozone is harmful to human body to some extent, so we designed this function of ozone timing.This ozone air purifier can sense the human body,It works when we're not around, so we can use it safely.

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