Oral Irrigator

Oral Water Irrigator

The oral water irrigator is a tool for cleaning teeth. It uses ultrasonic waves to push the tooth cleaner. It can completely infiltrate the instrument into the cavity, helping to eliminate plaque, tartar and fine calculus in the teeth. Things can also be eliminated and removed, while helping to improve the blood circulation of the gums, helping to suppress some oral diseases, including tooth inflammation, gum bleeding and gum atrophy, and also help to refresh the breath and prevent Bad breath.


Please clean the device and nozzle storeroom with soft dry fabric periodically. Do not use water or any other chemical solution to clean the device.Both water tank and nozzle storeroom are move able and washable.


Please do no use the device if the water tank has no water.

Please unplug while maintaining and cleaning.

Please operate properly while pouring in or out water from the water tank.


For you health, please do not use the same nozzle with other people, This productt has designed different color nozzles for using separately.

If the adapter is damaged. It must be replaced by the same type available from the manufacturer or its service agent.

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