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How to clean your pet healthy?

How to clean your pet healthy?


Do you like pets? Do you know how to keep it healthy? If you have ever owned a pet, you must have noticed that pets often smell bad, which makes us very anxious.but you know it's not enough just bathe it.

Now we have one new product can do this.Not only does it remove odors from pets, it kills bacteria.

It uses ozone to kill bacteria and looks as small as a mouse.Its functions as follow:

1. No need filter, but can be deodorized and purified by ozone, plasma, negative ion and other functions.

2.No need to plug in,Worry-Free with Built-in Lithium battery.

3.Work Automatically with Smart Infrared Sense,It uses the advanced Pyroelectric induction technology,when people is approaching,the air purifier will stop working automatically.

This Portable smart cat litter box deodorizer air purifier for your pet's house ,it can reduce the number of times you clean up your pet poop, and it will work every time your pet poop,  Reject the odor secondary pollution, and returning you a clean home.Also suitable for refrigerators, shoe cabinets, drawers, etc


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