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As the air quality continues to drop, many people may choose to install a car air purifier in the car, which can refresh the air inside the car, filter the PM2.5 from the outside, and maintain the comfortable environment inside the car, then the specific car What are the functions of the air purifier? Let's take a look at it.

The role of car air purifier

1. Sterilization and disease-resistant negative ions can effectively prevent diseases, sterilize, improve lung function and promote metabolism. Tea tree oil is an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial medicine for Australian indigenous peoples for centuries. It destroys bacterial and viral cell tissues and energy sources. It can effectively eliminate the bacterial virus in the car.

2, ultra-efficient purification effect Air purifier has multiple purification functions: negative ion + super activated carbon, can actively purify every part of the car, can effectively kill harmful bacteria, bacteria in the air, remove dust, smoke and odor.

3, humidifying the skin The proper humidity is a necessary condition for healthy living. During the driving process, the air conditioner is dry, the skin is tight, the throat is swallowed, and the humidifying function of the air purifier can improve the dry car environment. Keeps skin hydrated and smooth, while also reducing airborne dust particles and removing static electricity.

4, easy to use air purifier product design front-end fashion, the button is simple, easy to understand, easy to touch healthy life, placed in the car driving chair, directly inserted in the cigarette lighter can be used, no need to take up extra space, practical and lightweight , with the use.

5, refreshing and refreshing Lemon tea tree essential oil is a unique plant in Australia, rare, precious, fresh lemon scent with wood low-key, refreshing, relieve stress, make people feel comfortable and happy.

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