Ozone Air Purifier

Ozone Air Purifier

Active oxygen (commonly known as "ozone" O3) air purification

Technically active oxygen (commonly known as "ozone" O3) is an unstable gas with a special astringent and slightly blue color. Its specific gravity is larger than air (2.144g/L at 0oC). The chemical formula O3 is more active than oxygen molecules. The oxygen atom determines its strong bactericidal ability and other functions. So people call it reactive oxygen.

Advantages Active oxygen (ozone) is recognized worldwide as a broad-spectrum, high-efficiency fungicide. At a certain concentration, it can quickly kill bacteria in water and air, and the sterilization speed is more than twice that of chlorine. More importantly, it is reduced to pure oxygen after sterilization, so there is no residue and secondary pollution, which is not possible with some chemical disinfectants, so active oxygen is also called green element.

The main functions of the ozone Air Purifier sterilizer include:

1. inhibit the turbid smell;

2. Inhibit the growth of fleas and molds;

3. Kill bacteria;

4. Decompose pesticides residues in vegetables and fruits;

5. Keep frozen food fresh;

6. Rapid decomposition of toxic gases;

7. For water bleaching.

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