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Best Worktop Dishwasher

The Worktop dishwasher is a new kitchen appliance in recent years. The dishwasher is not only easy to use, but also disinfects the tableware more thoroughly. The worktop dishwasher has a variety of cleaning functions, and selects the functions required according to its own needs. The tableware is cleaned in a targeted manner and is more user-friendly. Dishwashers also have tips on how to reduce the amount of detergent used and how to properly clean the dishwasher. 

How to reduce the amount of detergent used 

  1. The higher the hardness of water, the greater the amount of detergent. And the scale will deposit on the cleaning system, spray heater, water tank and even tableware. In order to reduce the consumption of detergents and to extend the life of the equipment and to clean the dishes, it is recommended to use water treatment equipmhent.

  2. Tableware pretreatment The more dirty the tableware, the more disinfectant detergent used. It is recommended to pre-treat the tiger to reduce food residue into the dishwasher.

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