Disinfection supplies

This product is a simple operation and family use detergent manufacturing machine, with independent intellectual property rights. The equipment is the core of the reactor can be different concentrations of salt water, made from a variety of utility of disinfectant. The indicators of disinfectant conforms to the standards set by the world health organization (WHO).Low cost, non-toxic, no residue and efficient antivirus are four big selling pointThis product has four big selling point:One is that the cost is low. liters of disinfectant need only 6 grams of salt and 0.008 KWH, approximate five cents.The second is, non-toxic. According to the report of China CDC test, this product is non-toxic, because raw material is water and salt, and no other chemical substances, can be used to gargle brush my teeth.it is, no residue. Self-control is the main components of the disinfectant sodium hypochlorite and chemical properties is not stable, easy to decompose back into saltAnd the water.Is that effective antivirus. According to the report of guangzhou microbial detection, this product to kill bacteria, viruses, rate is as high as 99%.

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