Why should I turn to yovog?
Dongguan EDS Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is rich in industrial experience and is sensitive about customers' needs. We can provide comprehensive and one-stop solutions based on customers' actual situations. wall mounted air purifier has a wide range of applications. It is mainly used in the following industries and fields. For product details and quotations, please feel free to contact EDS. The desktop air purifier is one of the main products of EDS.

How can the front filter the White Rock in the water? After installing the front filter on the water meter, you can filter the water into the house.

The water meter is outdoors. how to install the front filter? See if there is a valve in front of the water meter. if there is a valve, you can install the valve. if there is no valve, you need to find the relevant ownership department, such as the property or water company, it is estimated that they will not agree to turn off everyone's water for you alone; in fact, if it is a small pipe diameter, there is no need to install a pre-filter, because the total water meter in the community is equipped with a filter.

Recommended water treatment technology, RO reverse osmosis pretreatment process. MBFB membrane biological bed process is used for deep treatment of sewage,Can be based on the original sewage discharge standards,After a biological fluid bed and a ceramic membrane separation system,Further reduce COD, nh-N, turbidity and other indicators,On the one hand can be directly reuse,On the other hand, it can also be used as a pretreatment process for RO salt removal,Instead of the original sand filtration, security filtering, ultra-filtration and other lengthy filtration processes,At the same time, the reduction of organic matter content greatly improves the service life of the RO film,Reduce the cost of reuse water treatment,Inorganic ceramic membrane separation system,It is the world's first set of inorganic membrane separation system for sewage treatment,Compared with other organic and inorganic films,Tao Xin environmental technology company adheres to the technical concept of 'sustainable development,Committed to
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