What to do if portable eye massager is damaged during shipping?
Industrial wastewater treatment method for industrial wastewater treatment Common treatment methods of industrial wastewater: 1. treatment of heavy metal wastewater,It can usually be divided into two categories: one is to convert heavy metals in dissolved state into insoluble metal compounds or elements in wastewater,Removed from wastewater by precipitation and floating,It can be used as neutral precipitation method, sulfide precipitation method, floating separation method, electrolytic precipitation method, diaphragm electrolysis method, etc;Two second is to concentrate and separate heavy metals in wastewater without changing their chemical form,It can be used for reverse osmosis, dialysis, evaporation and ion exchange.2. the treatment methods of cyanide-containing wastewater include alkaline chloride method, electrolysis method, pressurized hydrolysis method, biochemical method, biological iron method, ozone treatment method, air blowing and stripping method, etc.Among them, alkaline chloride method is wide

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Thermal Power Generation, seawater cooling, principle This involves a problem of desalination,At present, seawater desalination is carried out using a reverse osmosis principle,First, after the seawater is filtered,Remove suspended matter from seawater,Colloidal,Then a reverse osmosis membrane is used to filter the sea water,The reverse osmosis membrane can pass through water,Substances that do not allow the passage of salt substances.The filtered seawater is basically salt free.Then lead to the factory for cooling water If the water source has little impact on the surrounding area,It's just the air!Add points, thank you for the thermal power generation principle: use the heat energy generated when burning solid, liquid and gas fuels such as coal, oil and natural gasA power generation method that converts power into electricity by generating power devices.China is rich in coal resources,Coal production 10 in 1990.0.9 billion tons,Coal for power generation accounted for only 12%.There is still great potentia
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