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What are the benefits and skills of air purifiers?

What are the benefits and skills of air purifiers?


The benefits of air purifiers are many, especially given the current air quality.Air purifier: also called machine, the air cleaner, fresh air purifier, refers to the adsorption and decomposition and transformation of various air pollutants (generally include PM2.5, dust, pollen, peculiar smell, formaldehyde, decoration pollution, such as bacteria, allergens, etc.), effectively increase the air cleanliness of products, mainly divided into residential, commercial, industrial, building.


1, air purification air: air anion makes the dust, smoke, pollen, droplets and suspended microorganisms and other air-soluble substances easy to sink, can and air organic substances oxidation and eliminate the peculiar smell, thus has the role of clean air, improve the quality of the environment;


2,Negative ion sterilization: Negative ion air purifier can be attached to the air on the dust of bacteria, microbial viruses and other combination, make it fall.Experimental research shows that air anion has a strong inhibitory effect on air microorganisms, so that the virus loses the ability to attack cells, and thus has the effect of killing bacteria and purifying air.

3, eliminate static electricity: static electricity phenomenon is generally caused by ions with positive electric charge, the negative ions in the air will be combined with positive ions, play the role of eliminating static electricity;

4. Biological effects: experimental studies and clinical observations show that air anions have various biological effects on the organism.It is recommended to recommend an air purifier with this function. After use, the air becomes very fresh, which can reduce various air pollution and bring you a comfortable environment.

Tips for using air purifier:

1. Start the air purifier to clean the air according to the environmental pollution.For example, the air purifier for purifying PM2.5 pollution should be preferably used in the case of serious air pollution or indoor environmental pollution to ensure a good purification effect.If the air quality is good, there is no need to turn on the air purifier for a long time.Our humidifying air purifier can be used in summer and winter for better results.

2. Clean and maintain the purifier timely. Install the electrostatic adsorption purifier to clean the signal lamp.

3. The purifier with efficient filtration function can often check the indicator light for the replacement of the filter element. If there is no indicator light, the machine can be opened to check the pollution of the filter element.

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