Is there instruction manual for wall mounted air cleaner ?
What is the difference between water purifier and water filter? The water filter is a water filter device. the reverse-Flushing industrial water filter is installed on the water supply pipes in various industries such as power stations, chemical industry, printing and dyeing, paper making, etc. The water filter is mainly suitable for pipelines below Dg 500, thus, it can replace the secondary filter screen and save expenses.The water purifier is also called water purifier and water purifier. it is a water treatment equipment for deep filtration and purification of water quality according to the requirements of water use. Generally speaking, water purifiers refer to small purifiers used by families.Expansion Data:Shopping GuideThe structure of the household water purifier is roughly coarse filtration, activated carbon adsorption, ion exchange resin, hollow fiber and reverse osmosis membrane. The purchase of an ideal and practical water purifier should be considered from the followi

Dongguan EDS Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is rich in industrial experience and is sensitive about customers' needs. We can provide comprehensive and one-stop solutions based on customers' actual situations. wall mounted air purifier has a wide range of applications. It is mainly used in the following industries and fields. For product details and quotations, please feel free to contact EDS. The oral irrigator is one of the main products of EDS.

Design features of stainless steel filter 1. the filter equipment adopts the internal mechanical structure of patented technology, realizes the real high-pressure backwashing function, can easily and thoroughly remove the impurities trapped by the filter screen, clean without dead angle, and the flux has no attenuation, the filter efficiency and long service life are guaranteed. 2. stainless steel filters are made of wedge filters of 304 and stainless steel, with high strength, high precision and corrosion resistance, and the highest filtration accuracy can reach 25 microns. 3. the stainless steel filter realizes automatic backwashing through its own retrieval and strain function, which can cope with unstable water quality fluctuations without manual intervention. 4. stainless steel filter has few wearing parts, no consumables, low operation and maintenance costs, and simple operation and management. 5. the stainless steel filter operates accurately and can flexibly adjust the backwashing differential pressur
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