How to go through the air purifier for smoke customization?
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What are the filter materials for sea water tanks? The filter materials used in the biological filter box are biological balls, porous glass ceramic rings, ceramic columns, etc,It mainly filters ammonia and nitrite in water,It is the activity of life that uses nitrobacteria,Convert ammonia and nitrite dissolved in water into nitrate and nitrogen that are harmless to fish, etc,This is a deeper filtration of the sea,It is also the third level filtration of seawater.After three levels of filtration,Insoluble impurities in water and harmful substances dissolved in water,Will be effectively filtered out,Only such sea water,.| In the aquarium of marine fish,There are many filter materials used,In addition to activated carbon, coral sand, sponges, etc,There are biological balls, porous glass ceramic rings, ceramic columns, etc.Biological ball is a hollow sphere made of plastic material,It has a large surface area,A large number of nitrobacteria can be attached.There is no resistance when the water flows through,Th

How to control dust removal of cement mixer? With the deepening of the national environmental protection policy, the cement plant urgently needs mature and reliable smoke removal and dust removal technology;According to statistics,China 2013 1-On December,Cement production 24.1.4 billion tons,Year-on-year growth of 9.6%.While making great contributions to society,It also brought a test to environmental protection.China's bag filter industry has completed the transformation of bag pulse dust collector technologyOn this basis, many modifications and improvements have been made.The domestic self-developed shaft kiln, dryer glass fiber bag filter and coal mill bag collector are becoming more and more mature and stable,The prospect of its application will be better and better.1. the bag filter of the mixing station consists of a box, a baffle plate, a dust bag, a dust collector skeleton, a throat pipe, a pipe seat plate, a blow pipe, a pulse valve, a differential pressure meter, a screw conveyo
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