Does yovog enjoy high popularity?
Dongguan EDS Electronic Technology Co., Ltd has been focusing on the Manufacturing Health Products Health Care Supplies business for years. And we have won many honorary qualifications due to the outstanding R&D capabilities and superb production technology. There are multiple traffic lines joining up in EDS's location. The traffic convenience helps realize the efficient transportation of various products. EDS is rich in industrial experience and is sensitive about customers' needs. We can provide comprehensive and one-stop solutions based on customers' actual situations. We can design and manufacture cost-effective exactly pursuant to your requirements.

The air volume of the drying fan of the activated carbon adsorption and detachment system is the system air volume? The machine control type is a power-type handheld key or infrared adjustment.2. filtration system: dust bag, front filter and rear filter.Different and divided according to the filter material: paper, cloth, SMS, Haipa (HEPA efficient filter material ).3. functional part: the receiving and discharging line mechanism, the dust indicator, the button or the sliding switch.

What are the industrial dust removal methods? Common industrial dust removal methods,1. dust removal of cloth bags.Mainly collecting dust through dust removal bags,According to its design principle, it can be divided into three types: Mechanical vibration bag filter, atmospheric anti-blowing bag filter and pulse injection bag filter.It is mainly used to separate particle dust and fine dust in industrial production.2. filter cartridge dust removal.It specifically solves some disadvantages such as difficult dust collection, poor filtration effect, high filtration wind speed and difficulty in cleaning ash,The operation cost and dust removal effect of the dust collector equipment are doubled.The traditional filter cartridge dust collector has two cleaning methods,One is the high-pressure airflow blowing back,One is a pulse air jet.3. sulfur removal and dust removal.In the work of coal-fired power generation or boiler dust removal,It increases the contact surface between flue gas and aqueous solution,To pro

What is a fiber turntable filter? The fiber turntable filter is one of the most advanced filters in the world at present,At present, 700 sewage plants around the world have adopted this technology.The treatment effect of filter cloth turntable filter is good,High water quality,Stable operation of equipment,It has the only recognized certificate of water reuse in the world at present-Title22 certificate.The fiber turntable filter is mainly used for cooling circulating water treatment and reuse after deep treatment of wastewater.Reuse as cooling water and circulating water after filtration: Water quality SS ≤ 80 mg/L,The effluent quality is SS ≤ 10 mg/L.For the deep treatment of sewage,It is set up after conventional activated sludge process, delayed aeration method, sequencing plant, oxidation ditch system, drip filter system and oxidation pond system,It can be used in the following fields: ① removal of total suspended solids (2) combined with adding agents to remove phosphorus (3) and removal of
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