Can car air purifier for smokers be made by any shape, size, color, spec. or material?
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What are the uses and features of a single bag side-in filter? Purpose: it can be used to treat impurities in liquid with an accuracy of up to 2um. features: high filtration accuracy and good filtration effect

Is there a smoking place in Shanghai Hongqiao Airport t2? No inside,After the three major train stations are completely non-smoking,Shanghai Airport Group released today: Since zero on October 30, 2016,Smoking is prohibited in the terminals of Pudong and Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport.All indoor smoking rooms will be closed.The specified outdoor smoking point will be set in the adjacent area of the two terminal terminals.There are 2 outdoor smoking spots in Hongqiao terminal 2,The entrance is located in the domestic departure terminal 41 and 54.Smoking rooms can keep smokers and non-smokers at a controllable distance,Moreover, its centralized and strengthened air filtration device is combined with an odor-free container for storing soot and cigarette butts,It ensures that the surrounding environment is free from the stimulation of cigarette smoke toxins and the interference of cigarette odor.Pre-filter: remove suspended solids from large particles of dust,Electrostatic filter: the core o
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