why it could take 200 years for london to reach clean air standards - air cleaner

by:Yovog     2020-01-22
why it could take 200 years for london to reach clean air standards  -  air cleaner
London does not meet the legal restrictions on toxic gases and soot particles, and according to the current rate of improvement, London will not meet the international "clean air" standard in 193.
This is one of the obvious findings in a paper published today in the journal Environmental Pollution.
Researchers at King's College London and air watch Londonde-
France has found that neither London nor Paris has reached legal limits on air pollution.
However, the document states that Paris will meet with the European Parliament. U.
City air permeability target within 20 years.
There are many reasons for London's backwardness, including, to a large extent, the surge in pollutants from more and more motorcycles and mopeds-the Mayor of London's introduction to the ultra-low emission zone in the United States next month remains to be seenK.
China's capital will reduce its toxic air by 45% in two years. Paper co-
Gary Fuller, an air pollution scientist at King's, said the study had some good news, some bad news and warnings.
"The good news is that overall air pollution in London is getting better and the bus upgrade has had a big impact, but the bad news is, the air quality policy for the period 2010 to 2016 did not reduce air pollution on all roads in London.
Fuller, author of the book "invisible killer: rising global air pollution threats-and how we fight back", also warned that increased use of motorcycles and mopeds could eliminate some airquality gains.
The new study found an improvement in CO 2 and particle concentrations in London and Paris since 2010, when it was legally compliant with international air quality standards.
However, the rate of change is not sufficient to meet the requirements of legal restrictions.
Fuller said: He added: While there is a lot of concern about the damage caused by diesel engines, there is less concern about the increase in motorcycles in London, Fuller warned. Powered two-
Tricycles have long been a regular visitor to Paris, but usage in London is also increasing, he said.
Official traffic statistics in London show that motorcycles account for only 1% of London's road use, Fuller said.
Data next to the air quality monitoring station showed that between 2010 and 11%, motorcycle usage in London increased by 2016 per year.
He said the increase could be due to the opening of some bus lanes in London to motorcycles in 2011, and the "proliferation of motorcycles --
Based on delivery.
"Motorcycles emit large amounts of primary organic aerosol, aromatic volatile carbon components, and are responsible for the production of secondary organic aerosol," the new paper said, following other papers.
"Therefore, the increase in the number of motorcycles in London may lead to an increase in fine particulate emissions, offsetting the expected benefits of diesel particle filters in other vehicle categories," the paper said . ".
However, Nick bloomhall, communications manager at Coventry, is controversial about the theory
China Association of motorcycle industry (MCIA). “Powered two-
Wheels to get people out of their single
"Use vehicles that are more efficient, cleaner, and less congested, especially where walking, cycling, or public transportation is not feasible," he said . ".
The Times today also spoke to broomoo-style moped-
The use of meal delivery services has an impact on air quality: "It can be assumed that some of these scooter delivery services are replacing the journey that the car will collect takeout, in which case, emissions per trip can be reduced.
A spokesman for Deliveroo said half of its 18,000 U. S. fleetK.
People riding bicycles.
"We also provide subsidies for the riders who want to switch to electric scooters that are more economical and help reduce emissions," the spokesman continued . ".
Deliveroo will not tell Forbes.
How many passengers in London use mopeds?
While the use of mopeds in London seems to be growing, sales figures do not prove that.
According to DVLA registration data, sales of the new 1225cc powered two have dropped significantly recently
Wheelers in Greater London
Sales fell from 5,016 in 2015 to 3,422 last year.
Similarly, motorcycle users have steadily declined in recent years.
In 2013, there were 3,946,180 motorcycle license holders in the United States. K.
But now it's down more than 300,000. (
Many delivery riders like mopeds are clicking around on the learner's license plate and are therefore not a formal licence holder. )
ULEZUse of power two-in-one
The wheels of London will soon drop further.
From April, those who ride a motorcycle before 2007 will be charged £ 12 along with the drivers who pollute the car.
£ 50 per day for access to certain parts of the capital.
This is part of the introduction of the London mayor's ultra-low emission zone (ULEZ.
By 2021, Sadiq khan 'sulez will include the entire area of central London, right on the North-South Ring Road.
Fuller will not be attracted to whether such measures to prevent air pollution will have the desired effect: "We have not imitated [for that],” he said, “[
Our current newspaper
I'm reviewing. ”In the U. K.
24% of greenhouse gas emissions come from transportation.
58% of the emissions come from cars and taxis.
Motorcycle emissions account for only a small part of the entire road transport emissions.
"We're not saying that air pollution in London is caused by motorcycles," Fuller said . " "But when we looked at the factors that affected the change, we found that more motorcycles made the situation worse.
"So far, we have paid less attention to motorcycle emissions.
Other types of vehicles have improved their emission control over the past decade, but you haven't gotten something like engine management and cleaning
When you get on the bus, the system on the motorcycle will start.
"Obviously if London wants to bring air cleaning to a time scale similar to the improvements planned in Paris, then politicians and officials will start their game, it may be possible to ban cars that pollute the most seriously, not just charging them.
193 is a long time to hold your breath.
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