why india is a more optimistic foreign investment bet than china - electrical appliance suppliers

by:Yovog     2019-07-10
why india is a more optimistic foreign investment bet than china  -  electrical appliance suppliers
For many, this can create mixed emotions, but India's Union budget for 2015 --
For a foreign manufacturer, 2016 does consolidate the country as its feet are firmly planted in two of the world's most competitive investment destinations --
India and China
The reason he listed is not just the "Made in India" project.
"Innovation is everything, we strive to find the place to have the best technical talent," said Ravin Gandhi, founder and CEO of GMMNonstick coating, who runs the world's largest non-
Apply paint to the cooker and appliance industry.
Gandhi, based in China, said it was an obvious option when Indian companies wanted to build a secondary manufacturing plant-initially because it was cheaper than China, followed by an obvious talent advantage.
Now, "made in India" has increased the sweetness of trading.
While not everyone is satisfied with the India Trade Union Budget announcement of February, the government's "Made in India" initiative is a positive source of a large budget review by foreign entrepreneurs such as Gandhi.
The plan aims to increase India's manufacturing sector from 15% of GDP to 25% of GDP. The plan, founded in 2014, began to level the country with countries such as China and the United States.
To get things going, the Union budget has announced some measures that are useful to foreign investors: reducing the corporate tax from 30% to 25% (
Will be launched in the next four years)
Reduce the royalty and technical service fee income tax by 25% to 10%, and plan to reduce the basic tariffs on certain inputs and raw materials, which will help manufacturers to reduce costs, online for two people-
Central and service tax business day registration function.
Taking a tough stance on India's notorious Black capital flows is also a positive step forward for a country that strives to attract foreign investors.
Gandhi said: "Indian manufacturing has made many investors say that India is not as stagnant as it once thought . "
Investors from India.
He said: "In the past, there was a big view in the United States that infrastructure has hindered the development of India, we are shipping products out, and infrastructure has not hindered us.
He pointed out that the ability to import raw materials needed for manufacturing from the United States at low cost is India's competitive advantage over China.
Gandhi said he was also impressed by the quality of Indian talent-because he asked those with a background in chemical engineering to engage in his niche industry.
"India is investing in a wider education system and we have hired some people from IITs who can run faster," he said.
Some Indian employees in Gujarat --
Living in China, fluent in Mandarin.
The most important thing is to hire English
In India, the speaker is not a problem, Gandhi said.
"A lot of people cook in India, so we are very optimistic about India --
"There is a lot of potential for a springboard like China, but the startup culture and the rule of law dwarf China," he said . ".
We focus on the manufacture of cookware and baked goods.
Union Budget commitment to no previous
The existing Chapter 11 bankruptcy law also instilled confidence in Gandhi, who said knowing that he could rely on the court system was another key factor in his decision to open a factory in India.
But Gandhi said that although he was satisfied with his company's ability to use it, the infrastructure was still not the same as in China.
"If India invests a little more in infrastructure, it will make people like me a better brand in the West, and a better image will attract these capital inflows.
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