who else could have bought ge appliances? - home appliance manufacturer

by:Yovog     2019-08-22
who else could have bought ge appliances?  -  home appliance manufacturer
Before GE sold it to Electrolux for $3.
3 billion on Monday morning, it was no longer a secret for GE to shop around its home appliance department.
This is not a close sale, though, but part of GE's increased focus on its core infrastructure business.
There are rumors that in the seller market, some companies are interested in buying one of the most representative brands in the United States.
In the end, only Electrolux won, but there may be other interesting pairs.
Let's take a look at some of them.
As early as 2008, Samsung and LGLG became one of GE's original suitors, and Samsung is destined to dominate the global home appliance market.
However, both Korean companies are part of a large corporate group, with their corporate culture at least as strong as GE.
The acquisition of another major company may be a big extension of how the two companies operate.
Haier made a play for GE for the first time in 2008, but that's not the case.
Politicians have stirred up a stir over the acquisition of a Chinese company's iconic American brand.
This is a wise move.
GE was asking for $8 billion.
Arelikarkark is a major household appliance manufacturer in Turkey and has its own goals worldwide.
It has bought very well in the past ten years
It is a well-known brand in Europe, Russia and South Africa and is now a market leader in Europe, Russia and South Africa.
The brand has also expanded its business to North America under the European brand Blomberg.
Refrigerator and high sizeDishwasher.
For arcelick, who is rumored to be interested in GE, GE's acquisition will provide the United States with a turnkey ChannelS.
Market, products designed for the United StatesS.
Market and a wellknown brand.
This is obviously not going to work.
Like its competitors, Panasonic is not hard to become the biggest brand in the home appliance industry.
However, the Japanese company's U. S. white-
Limited supply of goods for microwave ovens and kitchen appliances.
Panasonic makes sense at least for GE's manufacturing business.
Recently, Sears Holding CEO Eddie Lambert has been selling some of the company's broken stuff in order to raise cash.
Although the Kenmore brand is no longer as popular as before, it still has great power --
And there is no manufacturing capacity at all.
The company has been using third parties (
Electrolux, GE, LG)
Build Kenmore-
The acquisition of branded products and GE will allow Kenmore to be independent, own its own factory, and two leading brands in the United States. S.
However, Sears Holdings sold part of the company's shares and did not add new investment projects.
Kenmore can be sold without the help of private equity-
Don't buy competitors.
QuirkyGE has partnered with Quirky to develop a range of smart home products
It is reported that up, in partnership with Blackstone, is trying to buy General Electric completely.
However, any buyer of GE must continue the warranty and in the following casessale support —
That's why we think GE decided to set up a well-known home appliance manufacturer.
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