whirlpool (whr) stock price target lowered at rbc capital - home appliance manufacturer

by:Yovog     2019-08-25
whirlpool (whr) stock price target lowered at rbc capital  -  home appliance manufacturer
NEW YORK (TheStreet)--
The RBC Capital Market has lowered Whirlpool (WHR -Get Report)
After the company reported its third-quarter earnings last week, shares rose to $201 from $213 on Monday.
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US-based home appliance manufacturers reported third-quarter earnings of $3.
45 per share after dilution.
Whirlpool revenue rose 9% year on yearover-year to $5. 3 billion.
Analysts had forecast earnings of $3.
$29 per share with revenue of $5.
Reuters reported that 41 billion.
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Performing in AmericaS.
RBC Capital said that the home appliance market for two consecutive quarters "raised reasonable questions about revenue growth and the company's ability to restore its share without compromising profitability ".
According to the company, RBC Capital analysts maintained a "preferred" rating of the stock after talking to CEO Jeff fetich, who said sales were weak
"Now, the problem of product transformation has completely fallen behind the company.
"Fetich expects the number of 4Q15E units in the company and industry to grow to '4%, '" added RBC Capital '. ".
Whirlpool's share price rose by 3. 62% to $151.
Trading late Monday morning.
In addition, the street rating team rated Whirlpool as a buy with a rating of B.
The street rating team said this to their suggestion: we have a view of Whirlpool (WHR)a BUY.
This is driven by some significant strengths that we believe should have a greater impact than any, and should give investors a better chance of performance than most of the stocks we cover.
The advantages of the company are reflected in income growth, reasonable valuation level, good operating cash flow and other aspects. in the past year, the significant return of stocks and the rise of stock prices.
We believe that its advantages outweigh the fact that the company's net income growth is below standard.
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