We are trying to create demand for air purifiers, says manager of Kent RO - personal air purifier

by:Yovog     2019-08-14
We are trying to create demand for air purifiers, says manager of Kent RO  -  personal air purifier
Twenty years ago, Mahesh Gupta, chairman and general manager of Kent Luo, brought his water purifier to the market and changed the drinking water habits of Indian families.
He told Praveena Sharma that he wanted to do the same with his air purifier and vegetable cleaner by raising awareness and educating consumers.
I didn't compete at the beginning.
We are the RO (Reverse osmosis)
1997 purifier on the market98.
Obviously, with the development of the industry, more and more people are interested in products, and more players are bound to enter the market.
They help raise awareness and are part of market development.
Good players keep us awake and we do better.
People without a sense of quality have ruined the reputation of the industry.
There are two main bodies in the water purifier plate, each accounting for 35% of the share.
The rest is not today.
I don't know what will happen in the future.
We saw the integration of the TV industry.
Foreign companies are entering the market.
Fortunately, in our industry, we are conducting extensive research and launching innovative products that are not available anywhere in the world.
Our position is that we are the best in the world.
So the moment you become the best person in the world, you are expected to lead.
The market is growing at a rate of 15% per year.
I am willing to close my company if the government can provide clean water and clean air.
This is not my problem.
It is my responsibility to provide solutions to consumers before the problem exists. We are 1.
3 billion people, they have different choices.
Not much demand (
For air purifier)at the moment.
We are trying to create demand. The issue (
Air pollution)
Like slow poison.
Your air is not good, but that doesn't mean it will die tomorrow.
It causes a disease that will deteriorate (over time).
We made people realize that you could at least clean the air in the room.
This is a very difficult market.
What you put on the shelf is not the item, it will start moving.
You must create consciousness.
I don't think so (air pollution)has come down.
Data will speak for themselves.
Let's analyze it.
Mumbai is just as bad as other big cities.
The Delhi High Court's recent decision to ban the use of higher-power diesel vehicles is also to clean Delhi air . . . . . .
This does not mean that there is no danger of emissions from gasoline vehicles.
Less emissions (in petrol cars)
But if their numbers increase, pollution will increase.
India's economy is facing the problem of slow private investment, which makes it impossible for us to achieve real growth potential.
We grow at a rate of 15% per year.
Our industry is still growing.
The penetration rate of our products is now only 2%.
Therefore, it has great room for development.
If we can educate people, we will grow faster.
At present, we have a factory with half capacity. a-
Wan conterro purifier halfa-
Millions of air purifiers in Roorkee.
We are building a factory with similar capacity in Noida with an investment of Rs 100.
I'm looking at healthy space.
My focus will be on a pure house.
For the benefit of health, I want to do anything in this space to give a pure solution.
So, there's obviously pure air and clean vegetables in this space too.
What I want to say is pure food, water and air;
That's where I want to go.
It's water at the moment-purifier-dominated (90% of revenue)
But other products will catch up soon.
My preparation will depend on the preparation of the government.
Yes, they are very eager to launch.
We would like to take part in this activity.
However, they have to come up with rules, programs, and computerized operating systems that we can match our system.
If they want to catch the deadline, the government will address them in time.
Now, I don't know what to do.
First of all, the government needs to tell me what to do.
I think 18% is a good enough price except for luxury goods.
For us, we will pass it on to the consumer no matter the price.
But higher tax rates can have a negative impact on our needs.
Therefore, the government must consider whether consumers are prepared to pay this tax rate.
We are already operating in Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Dubai and are looking to enter the markets in Malaysia, Vietnam and the Middle East.
I want to do a good job in exporting.
At present, our export volume is 3%.
We want to raise this budget to 5%.
So far I have not made a sacrifice in quality.
You can't sell me at a lower price, the water is very precious.
So I won't cut my costs.
Like medicine.
How can you make a cheaper medicine and say it doesn't matter if it works or not.
I want to keep the quality of my product regardless of whether it gives me the volume or not.
I am happy if I can get 15% profit while reducing the cost and have the same quality.
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