ways to purify your indoor air for fresh air - times of india - indoor air cleaner

by:Yovog     2019-07-22
ways to purify your indoor air for fresh air - times of india  -  indoor air cleaner
Delhi is facing panic recently.
Schools are closed and people are forced to wear masks to cope with the worsening air conditions.
The whole city was shrouded in smog. walking out of the house felt like entering the gas chamber!
Even today, we are only worried about outdoor air, assuming we are safe and breathing fresh air in our home, but what we breathe in is more destructive.
It has been found that the degradation of air quality by air pollutants and toxic chemicals in our home is ten times more serious than outdoor air pollution!
This is because closed areas allow pollutants to build more space than open spaces.
According to said munis Ali Alvey
Panasonic India's purifier business "indoor air quality is about health and comfort.
There are dust and other particles all around us.
There is no way to stop them from entering our family, but there is a way to keep our family clean.
Address the extent of air pollution in the country and increase the severity of pm2. 5 levels.
5 air pollutants, the new series of purifiers help to improve the air
Provide a healthy and safe breathing environment.
"Equipped with nanotechnology that helps filter harmful particles, Panasonic has introduced a wide range of air-purifiers.
Here are some important steps that should be followed to breathe fresh clean air: air purifiers can also fight against toxic particles in the air, providing a healthy and safe environment for breathing.
They also prevent sinus and breathing problems by removing dust and contaminants from the air.
Chimney: in addition to using an air purifier, using a chimney to filter the cooking smoke can also protect the indoor air from dust and allergens.
The researchers found that cooking fume contributes a lot to polluting indoor air and can cause cancer.
Also, never forget to open the exhaust fan and use the chimney in the kitchen.
Air purification plants: When indoor plants absorb particles in the air, they purify the indoor air.
Therefore, it is recommended that you have to have a plant per square foot to get a cleaner indoor air.
Changing sheets regularly: dirty sheets and pillowcases are the main cause of indoor air pollution.
Wash the curtains often and change the sheets often.
Use of essential oils: Research from Weber State University shows that rogue oil is very effective in killing bacteria in the air (up to 99.
96 kill rate).
Thieve oil is an anti-corrosion mixture of pure essential oils including pine needles, cinnamon, Baili, lemon, grapefruit and eucalyptus.
These essential oils help keep the family free from bacteria and purify the air.
Last but not least, keep your home clean and prevent it from getting damp because the high water branch in the House promotes mold growth.
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