uk should ‘cut its greenhouse emissions completely by 2050’ - air cleaner

by:Yovog     2020-01-28
uk should ‘cut its greenhouse emissions completely by 2050’  -  air cleaner
Committee on Climate Change calls for "urgent" action by members of Congress
Increase efforts to launch a new target of 100% reduction.
This means that the family will no longer be heated by traditional gas boilers, but will rely on more green energy.
Reaching the "net zero" goal also means moving from gasoline and diesel cars to electric cars, walking and cycling.
People also need to fly less and eat less meat.
Any remaining pollution in 2050 will need to "offset" carbon by planting trees and other measures.
A report from the Commission stated that this shift could be achieved through known technology, as well as providing economic opportunities and cleaner air.
The change will cost about £ 1%.
As of 2050, the UK's annual output was 2%, the same as the current 80% target forecast 10 years ago.
Lord Debon, chairman of the Climate Change Committee, said that we can "benefit" from the change in reducing UK emissions ".
He added: "We started the industrial revolution and we are responsible for the biggest part of the climate change that is happening in the world today.
Not only do we need to be accountable to the leadership to overcome these losses, but we also need the opportunity to lead a new industrial revolution based on a sustainable economy.
The report also warned that 2040 dates for phased adjustments
It is too late in new gasoline and diesel cars and vans and it is recommended to move it ahead of 2035.
It added that Britain and Scotland should target the internet --
Greenhouse gas emissions in 2045, and Wales should set a 95% reduction target of 2050.
The 2050 target was widely welcomed by environmental organizations and aid agencies, despite calls for further steps and an earlier date for achieving the net zero target.
Clara Goldsmith, from the National Trust, RSPB, WWF, the Women's Institute and the climate alliance of groups such as Cafod, said that if this date is set at 2045, the UK will be well positioned to lead the Global Zero.
Carbon Revolution.
The government will respond to the report in due course.
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