toxic cloud warning: kids and people with breathing problems urged to be on their guard - best home air purifier

by:Yovog     2020-02-09
toxic cloud warning: kids and people with breathing problems urged to be on their guard  -  best home air purifier
Toxic smoke will sweep across England and Wales tomorrow, with thousands of health alerts coming.
Dangerous clouds are blowing in from Europe and will mix with our own levels of pollution, causing pain.
Authorities issued a "yellow" warning today that choking clouds would hit Britain for up to four days.
Some parts of the UK may be affected by the wind until Sunday.
The Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued a smoke alert (Defra).
The weather forecast says the pollution will spread to northern England by Friday, with many areas at risk of "high" air pollution.
A Defra expert said: "Moderate air pollution may become more common on Thursday.
"The risk of moderate air pollution may pass through these three-
During the day, it is also possible in areas with severe air pollution.
"Health advice states that adults and children with lung problems, as well as adults with heart problems, especially outdoors, should reduce physical exertion.
People with asthma may find that they need to use their inhaler more often, and older people should also reduce physical exertion.
People with serious breathing problems were asked to stay indoors.
Dust clouds from the Sahara desert are expected to spread widely in England and Wales on Thursday.
The situation will get worse due to rising temperatures and increasing pollen numbers.
Kay Boycott, chief executive officer of the British asthma company, said: "2 out of 3 asthma patients have found that air pollution has exacerbated their asthma, increase their risk of potentially fatal asthma attacks.
"When air pollution is severe, patients with respiratory diseases, including asthma tests for air pollution prediction, are critical," they should carry the respiratory system with them at any time and make sure they use the blowout preventer every day, because this will help to enhance the resistance to asthma triggers such as air pollution.
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The old boy said that she experienced the best climax of her life when she was born . . . . . . After 14 hours with labourAir purifier expert Graham Curtis, she had sex with her husband and Vax Air Purifier "on Thursday, dirty air from the European continent will hit the UK.
"This is a problem that will not disappear soon.
This is the latest in a series of increasingly common health warnings related to poor air quality.
"The government's air quality program emphasizes that by 2020, more than 350 hot spots in London will violate EU sulfur dioxide limits.
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