this tech investor bought a gadget a day in 2017. here are the top picks .. - quiet air purifier

by:Yovog     2020-01-15
this tech investor bought a gadget a day in 2017. here are the top picks ..  -  quiet air purifier
Manhattan Beach, California—
Tech investor Peter Pham is a very quirky gadget, and in 2017 he asked Amazon to provide at least a pack of new tech gear for his home every day.
He got more in the mail than a tech critic.
So we asked Pham, president of technology incubator Science. (
Dollar shaving club sold to Unilever and FameBit sold to Google)
Put his favorite things together and let us know about his top 15 choices this year.
Pham's selection: JoyThe $499 "smart" photo album viewer is like a coffee table photo album, which is also evolving in addition to the larger photo album.
Its form is an oversized 13.
According to the company, 3 inch tablets, but no "distraction" from social media e-commerce"
Online tools such as mail.
Pham said that Roku UltraThe's $99 top streaming player from Roku has been upgraded, the wifi is faster than the previous version, and there have been great improvements.
"This is a very simple interface," said Pham . "
"The old one needs to be restarted once in a while, but the new one is very fast.
"The smaller version of Google Home MiniThe's Google connect speakers were greatly discounted during the holidays for $29, and Pham responded to this by buying 10, one for each room as a gift.
He likes Google better than Amazon Echo because he's dead.
Hard Google Android users, arrange his life with Google Calendar, and use other Google services such as Google Photos and Gmail in large quantities.
RyloThe $499 360-
The degree camera takes multiple angles on two lenses.
What Pham likes is that you have the option to share what you choose online, offering a different view than usual.
"You can be a director," he said . "
While Pham likes the Android mobile OS, he likes the convenience of Apple AirPods Bluetooth earbuds.
"The sound quality is very good," he said . "(He's not alone.
Sold out the $159 Bud before Christmas and came back --
Order via mid
On January, it was reported on Apple's website. )
The phone comes with three phones every day, Samsung Note 8, Galaxy S8 and google Pixel 2 XL.
He hasn't decided which one he likes more, and the Note, which is the biggest smartphone for 6.
The 3 inch screen, as a replacement for his laptop, mirrors the phone to his office monitor along with the Samsung DeX $159 dock.
If he wants something smaller, or the pixel of the camera, the Galaxy S8 is in there.
This note is his favorite.
On the phone, "I use the pen more often than I thought" because I take notes on the phone during the meeting.
The $799 air purifier connects an app to run and a $99 ordering plan to introduce new filters.
Pham lives in an area affected by winter fires, but he says there is no indication of his indoor air.
"It was very clean air in a very quiet device and it looked good and it worked.
Pham said: "More: Gadget enthusiast Peter Pham outlines the top picksDJI spark compact drone from DJI" small enough to fit in a backpack "and light enough, who likes the convenience of Spark operation compared to larger drones.
Doorbell Pro 2 and floodlight ringtones let you see who is at the door through the app and let you monitor the movement of the front door ---
This helps suppress breathing, according to the company.
New $199 ringtone video doorbell, version 2, better battery-
Unlike the previous version, it needs to be canceled
Pham says the whole installation is installed from the wall.
The $179 ring floodlight camera comes with a camera that responds to motion sensors.
"I like to get the instant video to my house and see who's there.
"On August, the $300 smart lock allows you to open the door of the viaa mobile app and do something new, such as" give people a digital key to use it at once, "This was what he liked and also got a notice to see who was opening the door.
Eero's new second edition of Eero devices is connected to your internet router, providing better wifi for the home and adding night lighting.
Pham says these devices, which start at $199, are "super fast" and zippier is faster than the original, offering better wifi with no dead ends.
Nintendo has launched a mobile phone that is easy to carry video devices.
Why did he buy so many products that she owed him a job.
"When we think about the future, I want to know what everyone else is doing.
Understanding Consumer behavior allows us to make products.
I did it for work, but I will buy it anyway.
I'm addicted to tech devices.
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