this 1957 cadillac eldorado restomod is a showstopper - air cleaner

by:Yovog     2020-01-25
this 1957 cadillac eldorado restomod is a showstopper  -  air cleaner
Restomod cars are a great way for their creators to take advantage of existing classics and really build something unique.
When the world is filled with examples of repair of various models, these auto works of art undoubtedly stand out among their surviving siblings.
Case and point of view, this 1957-card cadillac Eldorado SeVille restomod is currently listed by street classics.
Finished in a bright ruby color and detailed with polished chrome-colored work, this iconic design is elevated to a new level.
Its creators carefully do not deviate from the timeless style of El Dorado, but exaggerate its highly fashionable personality.
The big BOSS alloy wheels sit lower from the ground and are now filled with arches, giving the model a real concept car.
Open the car door of this Cadillac and see an exotic ostrich-inlaid Brown Lupi leather interior.
Although the cottage retains the classic feel, it does have a lot of modern style
A day to make the occupants happy.
Bluetooth, GPS navigation, and reversing cameras bring today's convenience to this classic model.
Touch like Chrome steering wheel, Lokar pad and custom Dakota digital meter is the icing on the cake.
This Cadillac carries further fun under the hood in the form of 5. 3-
L LS Vortec V8.
The engine is supported by hi-
For the best performance and reliability, the flow air purifier and the large aluminum radiator.
Modern 4L60E four
The speed automatic transmission is responsible for replacing the gear and making it a great cruiser.
Advertising says the entire package sounds spectacular through a straight-tube double-row gas device.
Other modifications including the Fatman front suspension, the back of the ladder bar, the gear-tooth-type power steering and the adjustable coilover suspension mean that the car is full of enthusiasm in the corners.
The large disc brake also controls its new performance.
The custom car has traveled less than 300 miles since it was finished, meaning the car is brandednew.
The current asking price for 1957 card cadillac Eldorado SeVille is $102,995.
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