The Top 4 Air Purifiers, Depending On Your Budget - carbon air purifier

by:Yovog     2019-07-18
The Top 4 Air Purifiers, Depending On Your Budget  -  carbon air purifier
Just as we rely on water filters to provide us with clean water, today's air purifier is a necessity for the city.
In the past year alone, Breathe Easy has sold more than 2200 air purifiers.
But does it make sense to buy an air purifier? What's the point of breathing 8 hours of clean air and then once again going outside to breathe unclean air? I was asked this question almost every day.
My answer is always the same.
Is it better for a smoker who can't quit smoking to smoke two or ten cigarettes a day? I don't have to answer this question for you.
Give your lungs eight to ten hours.
When you go outside, clean air is needed to make them stronger and better equipped to withstand the impact of air pollution.
In fact, I want to go a step further and say that in a developing country like us where growth is crucial, there is more work, better cars and families every year to meet the aspirations of one billion people, air pollution is an evil that will last for a while, and air purifiers become a necessity.
In fact, every family in the Indian subway should have an air purifier.
Here are the four we recommend:
Machines are the best in this industry.
The health Pro 250 is the world's highest-selling model.
IQAir is also an educational partner of the American Lung Association.
The filters used in these machines are far superior to any other existing air purifiers, and the depth/size of the filters is ten times that of most other purifiers on the market.
The IQAir machine is also able to remove some of the smallest 0 particles. 003 mm in size.
Price: The price is between Rs 95,000 and RS.
Although they are expensive machines, our research at Breathe Easy shows that they provide the best air purification services that machines can offer, and we think they are worth the money. The US-
The manufactured Austin Air is a powerful air purifier with a premium filter with activated carbon to remove gas and smell from the air.
This is a great product for people with asthma, weak lungs and allergies.
Price: The price is between Rs 80,000 and RS.
For those who want to start using air purifiers and don't want to spend too much money, this is a great budget option.
These Japanese economic machines do a good job of removing PM 2.
5, but with super effectivefine particles.
Price: between Rs 20,000 and Rs 35,000.
The idea of Thomas tarham from Booth business school in Chicago is that Smart Air isit-yourself (DIY )purifier.
Smart Air uses the simplest but most effective technology.
This is a basic device.
Desktop fan with high efficiency particulate Lightning Arresters or HEPA filter.
Believe it or not, it actually arrests some PMs and gas contaminants and doesn't discharge any chemicals into the air!
The air does leak on both sides, but at a given price something is better than nothing.
Price: If you don't have a budget and you still want clean air at home, this smart air purifier is available for only RS 3500.
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