the most expensive apartment in the world? - personal air purifier

by:Yovog     2019-08-10
the most expensive apartment in the world?  -  personal air purifier
Shakespeare. The Beatles.
The Queen, Prince William and Kate Middleton.
Fish and chips served for centuriesold London pub.
England has a lot to do, and I have just joined its international bragging rights in one of the world's favorite countries: it is now home to the most expensive apartment (
Also known as "flat ")in the world.
According to the Daily Mail, an apartment is priced at £ 216, or about $1.
2 million, and the public does not know the identity of the buyer. The two-
The penthouse is located on the outskirts of London, Hyde Park.
Amenities include the features you expect at a price of up to 24-
Hourly room service at Mandarin Oriental (
Connect via tunnel)
As famous chef Heston Blumenthal (
Now start drooling for his Michelin 3.
Star restaurant, duck)
Will cater to every whim, private wine-
Tasting facilities and safety that make James Bond jealous.
The unit is equipped with "bullets-
SAS authentication window
Trained security guards, an air purifier that foiled the gas attack, and a panic room, can safely retreat if the kidnappers or robbers are eyeing the owners.
"Living in any of the 86 units in expensive development, these are some of the crazy benefits you bring when you buy millions of dollars: heat from geothermal drilling goes deep into the ground 450, "extracting heat from the crust ".
"Is it enough for you to bake?
McLaren Formula One car exhibition hall is located on the 15 th floor of the ground and uses different types of imported stone from Turkey, Italy, France, Belgium, Egypt and so on throughout the building
A scanner in a private elevator to prevent intruders. The average cost of other equipment sold is only £ 20 m.
Sounds like your dream home?
Better move quickly: 2-
Thirty units have been sold (
A prime minister of Qatar).
Nick and Christian Candie bought the site.
Used to be office space-
In 2004, it developed into these luxury apartments at a price of pounds.
Talk about getting a return on investment.
But their Hyde Park apartment may not be the most expensive house in the world.
Online Mail shows that they have just sold the most expensive penthouse --in Monaco. (
Yes, they are billionaires. )
It is reported that this is Lily Safra penthouse for £ 200. (
Candy brothers seem to have developed the habit of selling the most expensive houses in the world, a lucrative business that is clearly unaffected by the recession. )
Want to know what is the real estate commission in a place like this?
Also, real estate tax?
Monthly maintenance?
If you ask. .
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