the 5 best remedies for sinus problems - electric air purifier

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the 5 best remedies for sinus problems  -  electric air purifier
Here's an appetizing anecdote: your sinus produces one or two liters of mucus a day
Two big bottles of soda.
Under normal circumstances, most mucus drops from your throat and is not found.
Yes, it's disgusting, but it's also important: mucus filters out bacteria, viruses and fungi in the air we breathe, moisturizes the nasal cavity and sinus, makes it easier for us to breathe, reduce the risk of infection.
Sometimes, the system becomes chaotic due to allergens, environmental pollution, nasal congestion, or inflammation, and fills you with congestion.
According to the American Family Physician, "rhinitis is one of the most common diseases treated by primary care physicians.
In the United States, seven adults are infected each year, and they are diagnosed in 31 million patients . . . . . . Rhinitis is the fifth most common antibiotic prescription diagnosis.
Most patients with sinus rely too muchthe-
If used too often, it will cause more damage than the benefits.
"The reducing agent causes the membrane to shrink, but then it will rebound and expand more than it did initially.
You will start using it twice a day and then it will increase until you use it multiple times a day.
It is not recommended to be more than once every 12 hours as it will have side effects on your heart, "explains Jordan S. Josephson, M. D.
New York nasal and endoscopic nasal surgeon, sinus relief now: Ground-Breaking 5-
Step plan for patients with sinus, allergy and asthma.
He added that the reduction should only be used a day or two a year, maybe twice.
"If you have any heart disease or high blood pressure, you should never use them," he said . ".
If your symptoms are serious (
Severe headache, blocked nose, facial pain)See an earnose-throat (ENT)
Doctor who specializes in sinus problems
You need antibiotics if it's a bacterial infection.
You can find one through American Ent science.
Head and Neck Surgery
"Make sure you take any medication as per his or her instructions and finish it even if you start to feel better," said Dr. Josephson.
However, if your symptoms are mild, the infection may be just a virus and can be helped without having to resort to a reduced medication.
Air pollution has now reached the point where our Dou is not ready to be treated.
Because of this, everyone should wash off their sinus with a new pot like bathing and brushing their teeth.
"This will prevent you from suffering from sinus infection and will also control allergies," the doctor said . "Josephson.
A new jar looks like a smaller version of the magic light that appears in folklore.
Fill it with sterile saline solution
Do not use normal water, the solution must contain a specific proportion of salt to prevent infection.
You can purchase a solution that has been mixed or mixed by yourself: 1 teaspoon of table, kosher or sea salt, and a pinch of baking soda and two cups of warm distilled water.
Lean against the sink and pour the solution into one nostrils;
It will either run out of the other or run down your throat.
This will dilute and drain the mucus. Dr.
Josephine recommends the NeilMed Neti pan, which has its own rinse.
He also likes the water and electricity here.
Pulse, like the water sac of your sinus.
First of all, vibrate your sinus with a small massager or vibrator --
Yes, it can be that vibrator (! )
Or you can try a facial vibrator like this
Help loosen and discharge thick mucus.
Set the vibrator to low, place it on your cheekbones, run along the bones for a few minutes towards your nose and open the nasal cavity.
Laurie Steele Smith, a natural therapy doctor, said: "It also clears the butterfly sinus on the forehead . "D.
Author of the book "Natural selection of women's health.
Then put your head on a bowl of hot water with a mixture of one or two herbs such as Baili, mint and oregano.
Put a towel on your head to catch the steam.
After that, dry your face and vibrate for a few more minutes.
"Work Like charm!
Said Steele Smith.
Smoking can cause inflammation of your sinus.
"It really burns the inside of your nose and causes the blood vessels to contract," explains Dr. Josephson.
The burn destroyed the hair.
Just like the structure that lets the mucus move up and down your nose and throat.
Without them, mucus will remain in the nose, and bacteria will breed in the nose, causing sinus infection.
Make sure your house is Dustyand mold-free.
Check the dust under the carpet and in the shade pleats;
Remember to wash or shake the curtains regularly;
Wipe the blinds with a damp cloth.
You may also need an air purifier if you have an allergic problem.
As for the mold, it's everywhere.
"Every house is there, especially in wet places.
Look at the bottom of your electric toothbrush!
Wash with bleach when you can.
It soon killed the mold . "Josephson.
Don't use bleach or anything you use to clean your sinus on your Neti pot.
Try White vinegar first and rinse it thoroughly.
Everyone responds differently to a variety of foods, so pay attention to what you eat.
Do you feel full after eating dairy products, sugar, yeast or drinking?
Food with mold like cheese or mushrooms? Caffeine?
Start recording your diet and maybe you can find patterns of intake and crowding.
If you don't see the result within three days, go to an ENT.
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