ten houseplants that are easy to maintain - carbon air purifier

by:Yovog     2019-07-16
ten houseplants that are easy to maintain  -  carbon air purifier
Interior plants not only look beautiful but also great for keeping the environment clean.
If you think that growing indoor plants requires a lot of effort and maintenance, then you are wrong.
You don't need to be a professional gardener to grow indoor plants at home.
You may not be familiar with growing plants that know little or nothing about them, or you may be busy with little or no time at all to take care of indoor plants.
Anyway, these 10 are easy. to-
Even with the laziest or busiest souls, indoor plants can stay alive and thrive.
In addition to being considered a sign of luck, lucky bamboo has become a lucrative indoor plant because of its low maintenance costs.
Plants belonging to the dragon blood tree do not need direct light, they can grow if you just provide a lot of water.
But it's a good idea to supply iron occasionally.
One of the easiest indoor plants to grow, green --yellow, heart-
This plant-shaped leaf is undoubtedly a pleasure for the eyes.
The Golden Cave can endure drought and humidity and has good air purification performance.
The only thing you need to be careful about is direct sunlight as it can cause the leaves to dry.
Aloe vera is one of the most robust indoor plants that can grow rapidly without any maintenance.
You can not water it for weeks in a row.
Just leave it near the sunny windowsill and forget it.
The next time your skin needs some aloe vera gel, you will find that both indoor plants grow up.
Jade plants are like aloe plants, and even jade plants can grow with minimal watering.
Even in the most barren soil, it grows well, and its thick leaves ensure that it does not lose too much water because of precipitation.
Do not put it in direct sunlight or water it, as both may hinder the growth of this Bush, such as indoor plants.
If you are a person who travels too much and has been away from home for a few weeks, snake plants are the best option.
Not only is it one of the easiest crops to grow, but it's also very dry --resistant.
This means that you can water it once before you go out for a tour, which will be nice and all adult --
You get up when you get back in two weeks.
By the way, this plant is also known as a mother. in-law’s tongue.
Umbrella trees are one of the most common indoor plants in Indian offices and homes.
When it grows indoors, it grows straight and tall in the flowerpot.
Avoid overwatering and direct sunlight to help it grow best.
There are several varieties of philodronsphilodronns and you can easily find the varieties you want to plant in the indoor garden.
It looks best on the terrace garden or balcony.
The plant occasionally requires sunlight to thrive.
If you let the soil dry between two watering sessions, it needs to be watered moderately and grow well (Dumbcane)
If the light in your house is not enough, Dieffenbachia is the perfect plant to grow at home.
As long as the soil is kept evenly moist, the plants can grow well even in the shade.
Moderate watering, let the top surface of the soil dry before watering again.
Do not let the water build up in the pan, as it may hinder the growth of the plant.
If you live in areas with severe air pollution, the rubber tree is a great choice for you.
It is a natural air purifier that helps remove carbon monoxide and benzene from the air.
This is one of the most difficult plants to manage, it can survive at the worst temperatures, and it can also be very good to trim occasionally.
Apart from looking great, the spider factory is popular because of its toughness and low maintenance.
The plant can grow in almost any weather condition with minimal watering.
Put plants in bright places with indirect light, you are very good.
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