Tech to make spring cleaning a snap - air purifier machine for home

by:Yovog     2020-02-18
Tech to make spring cleaning a snap  -  air purifier machine for home
Spring is just around the corner, which means it's time to get rid of the dust and dirt at home.
Here are some great tech assistants to make the cleaning work easier this year.
IRobot Roomba 880 ($700) with the recent addition of Roomba 880 to its product line, iRobot has launched a new top-of-the-line robo-
Redesigned the vacuum of many elements of the robot.
In order to increase the sucking capacity by five times and eliminate the need to unlock the hair from the brush, the company upgraded the lower side with a new brushless system.
Thh also claims that the battery life of the new robot is much better than before.
However, at $700, the Roomba 880 is a high price to keep the floor clean without having to give up.
Neato BotVac ($480 to $600) if you are looking for a more affordable robot)
Check out Neato BotVac.
Neato's vacuum is not just a cheaper alternative to Roomba, it also offers a better way to clean the floor.
As Roomba strolled in the room in some random way, Neato moved a laser that scanned the room, learned about the size and layout of the room, and planned to clean the room
Neato's latest range of vacuum cleaners, priced between $480 and $600, is the largest brush on the market and a new side brush that can reduce missed spots.
The Dyson turbine tool ($70) is equipped with a traditional vacuum brush rod, and hair and long fibers usually wrap around and clog the tool and need to be kept clean.
In order to solve this problem, the vacuum company Dyson abandoned the traditional rotating bar and introduced a new twist --
Free system with turbine tool.
Tangled by placing the brush on a flat disc that rotates in two opposite directions-
The free turbine tool does not give hair and fiber a rounded surface while providing sufficient suction and cleaning power.
If you already have a Dyson vacuum cleaner, you can purchase this extra accessory, perfect for removing dirt from your pet's hair and furniture, or for your vehicle to be completely cleaned.
Of all the cleaning tasks we have to do, Black & Decker Scumbuster ($40), scrubbing toilet and bathroom tiles must be the most annoying.
By throwing away old scrub brushes instead of power tools, reduce the amount of time you spend on scrubbing and scrubbing this year.
Black & Decker's Scumbuster is a battery-
Power washer with 150 rpm motor to help you remove dirt and mold in a short time.
For smaller spaces, please check the toothbrush for Rubbermaid-
The Reveal Power Scrubber with the right size has an oscillating head scrub 60 times per second, which makes it a great tool to clean the grout and other tight areas.
Worx JawSaw ($100) is the perfect tool to trim adult trees, and Worx's JawSaw is an electric trimmer located at the top of the extension cord that will allow you to reach 12 feet
There are five. amp battery-
Electric Motor, there is a mini tool
A chainsaw sandwiched between a set of steel claws allows you to clamp and cut tree limbs up to 4 inch thick.
Oreck AirInstinct ($400) check Oreck AirInstinct if winter dust makes you runny and sneeze.
In addition to the infrastructure like the HEPA filtration system, air purifiers have some smart features.
To ensure that the fan does not disturb your sleep, the device senses the fan speed and reduces the fan speed when the light goes out for a few minutes.
AirInstinct is also equipped with a color lighting system that rings the fan, a bold design option and an indicator of air quality.
The calm blue light lets you know that things are good, but the light turns purple and then red to let you know that the air quality has deteriorated.
When this happens, the machine automatically enters the premium, scrub the air and restore the air particles to an acceptable level.
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