taking on nippon - small electrical appliances

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taking on nippon  -  small electrical appliances
For anyone, it seems pretty dry to deal with the Japanese --
Household appliances made by yourselfin-
But that's exactly what pensonick did when he moved from a retailer store to a manufacturer.
Li Huan reported. JAPANESE-
Electrical products have been made for a long time, and most Malaysians think they are reliable.
Few would have thought of building a local brand to compete with them.
But that's exactly what Datuk Seri Chew Weng Khak did when he founded Pensonic in Penang in 1982-the company's annual income today is close to RMB.
Vincent Chew, son of OnCard and current managing director of pensonick Holdings Bhd, remembers how his father found the company.
While today the brand is proud to be with many other international electrical brands, pensonick was not built overnight.
It was originally in a small shop called Keat Radio & Electrical Co in Balik Pulau, Penang, selling Japanese-brand Electrical appliances.
Chew Jr recalled that it took a lot of time in the stores that occupied the lower floors of their home.
"In school, I am not the kind of studious person.
So I did a lot of help in the store, removing the inventory from the container, going to the delivery, tracking the technicians for maintenance.
"Also, I got a little extra pocket money to do this," he said with a smile . ".
In the early 1980 s, Zhou's father noticed that Japanese producers were gradually withdrawing their distribution channels, putting the future of his business at risk.
As a result, onk decided to build his own electrical brand, which he named Pensonic.
Many people mistakenly believe that Pensonic is named after a similar name.
It sounds like a Japanese brand, but Chew says that's not the case at all.
According to him, "Pen" in the name represents Penang, while "sonic" refers to the distribution of car stereo products by Keat Radio.
"So Pensonic is more of a name 'voice from penang, '" Chew notes . ".
In the early days, Pensonic did not produce, but mainly sold OEM products of its brand.
It is difficult to produce its own electrical appliances due to lack of support for industry to enter the manufacturing industry.
Chew said his father used to take apart the appliances and see how they were assembled.
In the end, the senior chewing company introduced parts from Taiwan and hired technicians to assemble them together to produce their own products.
The family's backyard soon became home to the onk manual assembly line.
The first product that Pensonic successfully produced was a slow cooker.
Since this breakthrough, Pensonic has continued to produce countless other electrical products such as refrigerators, lamps, vacuum cleaners and televisions.
"People don't think he will succeed.
But today, we do OEM for other brands.
Of course, my father is proud that he finally built his own brand.
He established a good business relationship through the relationship.
"When I first approached the sales department, all of our customers knew him and they would look for him," Chew said . ".
Over the years, with the support of a good distribution network, the company's business has grown rapidly.
By the end of the 1990 s, large supermarkets began to grow rapidly, especially in the Basheng Valley, where the group decided to move its headquarters from Penang to Kuala Lumpur to take advantage of the growing supermarket trend.
"I was temporarily sent to Kuala Lumpur to help build the headquarters.
But "temporarily" has become 20 years.
I feel a little cheated . "
The move is good for pensonick as sales have grown significantly after the brand started to retail through hypermarkets.
Chew pointed out that the income has been from 60-
From 1997, it was 70mil to rm385.
Due to its strong presence in large supermarkets, 5mil for the year ended May 31, 2015.
He added that the group's brand
Efforts over the years have helped the company achieve leapfrog development in the local market.
"We believe in brands --building.
In the past 10 years, we have invested a lot in this area, and time has proved that we are doing the right thing . "
But while pensonick's positive approach pays off and seems to be moving towards continued strong growth, chewing decided a few years ago to lower things by one notch and focus on improving profit margins.
Three years ago, the group carried out integration work to improve efficiency.
Pensonic focuses on operational efficiency and closes non-
Profit-making units have implemented inventory control and have dispersed a lot of business.
The company also encourages its general manager to drive growth and profit margins across its brands.
"We have tried a lot over the years.
There are stories of success, and of course there are stories of failure.
But I think we have grown so fast over the years.
A lot of people want to be aggressive, but I slowed down . "
"We are used to chasing the top --
Strong sales growth.
But along the way, we sacrificed the bottom line.
"If your profit is small, it doesn't make sense to make a big sale," Chew explained . ".
With the group's profits rising to 17 yuan, efforts to chew have yielded results.
The fiscal year ended May 31, 2015 was 4mil. 7 mil a year ago
In addition to this, the current slow
The economic downturn came at "the right time" as the group now has stronger fundamentals and is in a good position to recover when the time comes.
Chew also wants to spend some time building other brands under the umbrella of the group, such as Cornell and Lebensstil Kollektion, which cater to higher demand
Compared with the popular appeal of pansonic, the final market.
Chew was pleased with the group's progress and noted that his father was proud of the company's growth.
Onke, who is currently the executive chairman of the group, is still very interested in pensonick.
"He went very far.
He can't speak English at standard five.
He has been studying all his life and he is very experienced, which is better than many "mind knowledge" that people have.
We often come back with complex theories, but he has proven to be correct due to his experience in many cases, "Chew said.
The chewing family still holds about 40-
Following the listing of the group in 1995, Pensonic's 50%.
But Chew says there is no need for the family to continue running the show.
"It can operate professionally as a corporate entity.
At the end of the day ,(
The important thing is)
"Brands still exist," he said . "
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