station air purifier not culprit - personal air purifier

by:Yovog     2019-08-11
station air purifier not culprit  -  personal air purifier
On Friday, an air purifier was confirmed to be the main suspect of a leak in the cabin of the International Space Station, when the crew expanded their search for a mysterious leak.
As flight controllers in the United States and Russia discuss what to do next, cabin pressure continues to slow down.
One plan that has not yet been finalized is to have the two, astronaut Alexander calery and astronaut Michael fall, close the hatch on one compartment at a time to try to isolate any potential leaks.
The mission control center stressed that although the pressure has now dropped to 14 pounds per square inch (6.
3 kilograms per 6 kilograms.
45 cm²)
It is still safe for crew and station operations.
However, the threshold for some device failures is 13. 9 pounds (6. 25 kilograms)
Per square inch
The normal air pressure on the space station is 14. 7 pounds (6. 6 kilograms)
Per square inch, this is a level that hasn't been seen since Christmas.
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Earlier this week, carbon dioxide removal devices were used as a source of pressure attenuation, but Kaleri found out on Friday that it had no problems.
The system is "more or less reported to be airtight", according to the mission control center ".
Kaleri checked other environmental systems on the Russian side of the space station and found no leaks.
Next, probably this weekend, Kaleri and Foale will close the docked Russian cargo ship, then the Russian gas lock, and then the American Gas Lock to measure any pressure changes.
The mission control center says space station managers are "looking carefully" at the list of devices that are vulnerable to downward pressure.
The main problem with the possibility is-
Monitoring of air pollutants-
Once the pressure reaches 13, it can be simply turned off to save it. 9 pounds (6. 25 kilograms)
Per square inch
Engineers believe that there is no need to suppress until Sunday or Monday.
In highlighting the lack of direct danger, the mission control unit noted that the current 14 pounds persons (6. 3 kilograms)
Every square inch is equivalent to the atmospheric pressure in the city of Russia.
Mission Control says there are many places on earth where people live in places with much lower air pressure, citing the 13-year-old Las Vegas. 6 pounds (6. 12 kilograms)
Denver is a little over 12 pounds square inches (5. 4 kilograms)
Less than 12 pounds per square inch and Mexico City (5. 4 kilograms)
Per square inch
Commanders Foale and Kaleri should remain on board until the end of April.
They arrived on October and became the eighth complete set. time residents.
For the foreseeable future, NASA has reduced the number of space station residents from 3 to 2, as the shuttle fleet has been grounded after the Columbia shuttle crashed in last February.
The Russian spacecraft is too small to ship all the necessary supplies and spare parts.
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