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by:Yovog     2019-07-13
solar powered air conditioning unit.  -  small appliance manufacturers
Ironically, most people want their home to be cooled by the intensity of the Sun, which leads to heat.
How to use the sunlight to realize the energy-saving cooling of the house?
I have successfully installed a solar air conditioner for my living room and it has been working well since June 2013.
Let me tell you how I did it.
Note to keep in mind: I am implementing off-grid power systems.
My home can generate electricity on its own and run without electricity.
Therefore, my system is usually much more expensive than the one connected to the grid (
Power back).
I just prefer the option to have power when our utilities fail or natural disaster attacks (
For example, a hurricane or a drunken neighbor beats a utility pole with a car).
I have met the requirements of electrical specifications (NFPA 70, TTS-171 Part 1)
Power utility tasks in my area.
In our country, the power grid connection or power supply to our utilities is currently impossible and very illegal (
One linesman died due to customer violation).
This Instructure is an overview of how I can achieve the cost of my system and absorb it myself.
If my implementation does not meet your electrical code requirements, utilities tasks, budget constraints, and design standards, then I cannot help you in this regard.
You need to do the necessary research for a safe design and I am always happy to try my best to answer the technical questions you may have.
I published a manual on how to provide design calculations for my home with solar energy.
I hope you find it interesting. Harvesting?
Yes, you read it right.
Harvesting renewable resources can power my AC equipment and most of my home electrical loads.
The air-conditioning equipment uses a lot of energy to remove the heat in the room.
To provide this energy, you need to install enough solar panels to capture the radiant energy of the sun.
When it comes to solar
"The bigger the better! ".
I currently have eight 225 W panels on my roof, wired 4 in series, parallel to another string of 4.
These gave me the energy to power my lights, automated pc, fridge, dog feeder, WiFi, small appliances and of course that wonderful AC unit.
The installation can use the roof rail kit or make your own custom stand using metal and/or hard pvc.
For 1 KW and higher power, you need maximum power point tracking (MPPT)
Charging Controller.
Basically, it provides higher efficiency and can accept higher voltage to pass amps into the battery pack.
I am using the outback flexmax 80amp maximum power tracking controller.
This is first class for the industry, and it is worth every penny.
It is fully programmable and can handle DC battery packs up to 60 V.
Did you notice the smiling face I drew?
Even the wicked scientist of me who is mean will not be as happy as he has made his evil plan.
The battery I chose was a lithium ion battery.
Long life, non-toxic, environmental protection, high energy density, the safest (won't blow up! Lol).
My system is 25.
6 v, 16 batteries are used in parallel.
I used lead acid batteries before, but it didn't take long.
In 14 months, their ability is about 40% of the original.
It was a costly mistake, and I gave up on these and did my life4bank.
Their performance is admirable and, despite the higher upfront costs, the higher service life is well worth it.
Please read my guidance on this bank.
For anyone who suspects the performance of a lithium-ion battery, there are many good sources of this chemical reaction in detail online.
Think about it: why don't your mobile devices use lead-acid batteries? Hmm.
Lithium is superior and I even have a lithium ion battery to start my car! Take a look.
The only option for solar air conditioning is to use a variable frequency air conditioner.
This is the most energy-efficient type in the industry and it's amazing.
I actually gave my original 18000btu unit to the person who installed the dirbtu inverter.
My inverter AC unit can use up to 240 watts.
The voltage of this unit is 240 V, so I need a way to power it.
How to do this? Easy!
I used an inverter of 1000 watts and accepted 25 watts.
6 v DC, output pure sine wave AC at 120 v.
Next, I used an automatic transformer of 1500 W to raise 120 v to 240 v.
I include the thermal image of the transformer under load.
Once the transformer ratio is 3:1 or lower, the automatic transformer has a higher efficiency without the need for current isolation.
I can't get the 240 V Inverter at a reasonable price when installing, maybe I will get rid of the transformer in the future.
The mini circuit breaker 100amp provides protection for my battery pack.
Since my pure sine wave inverter can only provide 1000 watts, the minimum temperature I can reach on the battery power supply is 26C, which is very good.
If you can afford a larger unit, then your power is even greater! Simple yea?
Side note: Is it not confusing to read about pure sine wave AC inverter and inverter air conditioning unit?
Don't blame me for that strange term.
If you don't know if your inverter is a pure sine wave, here are some ways to find: 1.
It will be clearly marked on the nameplate as a pure sine wave output. 2.
You can use an oscilloscope. 3.
Plug the AC power fan into the output and if it buzzes while working then it is not a pure sine wave inverter. 4.
For example, if the specifications advertised claim a power of 1000 watts and a surge rating of 2000 Watts, the inverter may not be a pure sine wave.
The pure sine wave inverter usually does not have a large surge rating (i. e.
2 times the maximum continuous rating).
After turning on the inverter and the AC unit to supply power, I enjoy the comfortable air provided by the battery pack.
I included a thermal image of a unit that ran out of battery.
Special tips here.
The system I described is part of the larger system in my home.
My design is to provide maximum reliability.
The cost of all components is higher than the grid connection system.
My goal is to introduce some basic design and implementation concepts to others so they can get ideas for possible installations on their own.
This is not the purpose of this directive, its purpose is to authorize anyone, this is the only way to achieve solar air conditioning.
It's a way and I'm happy to execute it.
Please note that under my settings I don't have a battery pack large enough to run the device for the whole night.
So when the low voltage DC threshold is reached, I implemented an automatic conversion switch to power the device from our utility.
The conversion switch is completely software controlled by my home automation pc.
Take a look at the third and fourth photos.
This software was developed by FLOWSTONE.
Look at my home automation instructions.
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