smoke, haze impact air quality in manitoba - air cleaner

by:Yovog     2020-02-01
smoke, haze impact air quality in manitoba  -  air cleaner
Air quality in most parts of Manitoba is being affected by smoke and smoke from forest fires in Alberta and B. C.
Raised concerns about health.
People may have symptoms such as cough, throat irritation, headache or shortness of breath, while children and older people with cardiovascular or lung diseases such as asthma are particularly at risk, Environment Canada warned in a statement.
The agency recommends that people restrict outdoor activities and any strenuous physical activity, especially when breathing becomes difficult or uncomfortable.
Terry Burke suffers from asthma, swelling and chronic lung obstruction, which puts her into the smoke warning that Environment Canada is trying to reach.
"It's hard to breathe," she told the CBC News on Friday . ".
"Basically, it's like walking into the jungle fire.
"It just grabs your lungs and won't let you go.
"Environment Canada also recommends that people reduce smoking by staying indoors as much as possible.
Burke says she has been doing this all the time in the smoggy days.
"I live in my own suite," she said . "
"This is the only way I can be satisfied with not receiving anything else.
"However, if there is no air in your home,
The weather agency warned that when conditions permit, make sure that the House does not get too warm when doors and windows are closed to block smoke, adding that exposure to too much heat can also cause disease
Sanitation, elderly people and active living in Manitoba also warned about the drop in air quality on Friday.
"Obviously, what we really care about is that the health impact on people is more serious," explained Dr.
Health and Medical Officer Zhang Haijun.
"Severe breathing difficulties may be caused by having chronic lung disease and then being over-active in the air.
"The weather alert for Environment Canada has made Winnipeg worse, and almost all places in Manitoba have been warned of high temperatures, and things are not expected to cool down very quickly.
For many communities, the heat during the day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday is expected to be hotter than 32 Lin.
Temperatures in Winnipeg are expected to reach 36 degrees Celsius on Sunday.
During the smoke warning period, the same group of people in danger should also take precautions during high temperatures, Chang said.
"Some groups at risk are similar," she said . ".
"Elderly, children, patients with chronic diseases. . .
In addition, people who take certain medications can check if they take any medication that requires extra care.
"It is expected that the night temperature will continue to rise during this period, which has no mitigation effect on the heat.
"While there may be periods of improvement, the weather patterns will remain the same in the coming days," said Environment Canada . ".
"By the end of the week, the decline in smoke and air quality will continue to affect parts of the province, especially if additional forest fires occur in the area.
In the current situation, even healthy people may have eye pain, tears, cough and runny nose.
"In addition to the air quality alert from Environment Canada, Environment Canada also recommends that you do not wear masks to protect your health from smoke because masks can lead to false security, this may encourage an increase in the time spent on physical and outdoor activities, which means an increase in exposure to smoke.
Masks can also make breathing more difficult, the agency said.
In areas affected by smoke, Manitobans are encouraged to: restrict outdoor activities.
Turn off the stove and air-
Air conditioning equipment that may smoke indoors.
Avoid smoking or burning other materials and keep the indoor air clean.
Anyone with health problems or concerns can contact their health
Health care provider or call Health phone Linksat 204-788-8200 or toll-free at 1-888-315-9257.
More information on the health impact of smoke can be found on the Manitoba government website.
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