small appliance basics - small home appliances

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small appliance basics  -  small home appliances
Power supplies power to small appliances and other electrical equipment.
Overheating of Current equipment (Usually black.
Neutral wire and return (Usually white)wire.
The power of the moving current is called voltage.
In most home systems, the hotline voltage is about 120 V and the white line voltage is zero.
The voltage difference between the two wires moves the current and supplies power to the device.
There are three types of small, portable or household appliances.
Some appliances, such as a toaster and coffee machine, will heat up something.
Other appliances such as food processors and vacuum cleaners also move something.
Some appliances, such as hair dryers, have both.
The heating equipment converts electrical energy into heat for toast, heating coffee, drying hair or performing other beneficial tasks.
This heat is generated by passing current through a special wire called a component.
Since this element makes it difficult for electricity to pass through it, some of its energy becomes hot.
Electricity, for example, consumes so much energy to overcome the resistance of the toaster elements that it will emit bright red color to bake the bread.
Common heating facilities include a toaster, coffee maker, iron, deep frying pan, slow cooker, popcorn, etc.
The motor converts electric energy into motion.
This power off and mix food, turn on cans, grind waste, collect dirt and move air.
The motor converts electric energy into the magnetic energy of the rotating shaft.
There may be a blade or other accessory at the end of this shaft to do the actual work.
The motor equipment includes food mixer and mixer, electric can opener, garbage processor, vacuum cleaner, ice cream manufacturer, electric knife, electric clock, fan, humidifier and electric shaver.
Some small appliances are heated and moving.
The most popular is the electric toaster.
It mixes the dough and bake it into bread.
Other combined appliances include hair dryers and stir popcorn.
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