seasonal change house cleaning - electronic air cleaner

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seasonal change house cleaning  -  electronic air cleaner
Cleanng Check LiistAs our summer season is changing from summer to autumn and now it's time to make a list of fall house cleaning for the house and garden, this is through me in my house
I like autumn, especially because of the beautiful leaves, and then football.
This is the most exciting moment of the year when we make plans and get close to the holidays.
Staying in northern Florida in the fall means this is the first time in a long time you 've been standing outside long enough to put down some of the chores, like washing windows because of the heat
I made two lists, one for indoor work and one for outdoor chores.
Plan to do outdoor housework on good weather days.
These are all things on my outdoor list and hopefully we can do a big part of them.
Autumn outdoor work list: Clean the patio furniture and make sure the grill is in top condition.
If you have children then their summer toys should be cleaned.
The ditch needs to be inspected and cleaned if necessary.
Clean the windows, which obviously can be in these two lists, but when you clean the outside window, check the caulking and re-If needed. Use a 32 oz.
Spray the bottle with 1/3 cup white vinegar and 1/4 alcohol, you can add tbsp.
Dishwasher liquid.
Install weather stripping around the door if needed.
Drain and store garden hoses so that the water does not freeze inside when winter comes.
If you have a fireplace, check and clean the chimney flue if necessary.
Clean your outdoor air conditioning unit (Please see the video below)
If you have a light bulb that needs to be dug or planted, now is the time.
Do not cut down shrubs, as this stimulates growth, which kills plants when cold weather begins.
Our water heater is in the garage so it's time to drain.
We have plants outside, and we have to bring them in to survive.
Garden shredder is a good way to remove the fallen leaves, they help to fertilize the nest year.
Life, family, dining and bedroom we will continue to enter the interior of the House: clean the carpet using professional carpet cleaner as every 6-
In any case, 8 months, you want them to be clean during the holidays.
Scheduled for early October so you have good dry weather to dry them faster.
If you have wood floor or laminate floor, clean and clean thoroughly, move the furniture if necessary.
Of course, if you have a tile floor, you will do the same thing, scrub them until they shine.
Wash all the carpets.
I think you cleaned the inside of the window and window sill while doing the outside.
Focus on your house from top to bottom, which means checking your vents and cleaning up the head fans and fixtures.
Curtains need to be cleaned, they may only need to be vacuumed, or you can clean or dry-clean as needed.
Don't take risks washing them if they say dry cleaning.
Wipe the curtain rod.
Also, clean blinds (
I don't like the work I do,? ? ).
Fully vacuum upholstered furniture;
Move the furniture and clean the bottom.
If you are lucky, you will find some change under the mat!
You may want to get professional cleaning of your furniture.
Turn the mattress back and forth to balance the wear.
Wash blankets, mattresses, quilts, pillows and bed covers if you haven't done so recently.
Polishing all the wooden furniture is a good time to really clean all the gadgets, not just to dust them quickly.
The spots on the walls may need to be wiped clean, and the spider web in the corner is another thing to look.
Bathroom we will put in new paragraphs for the bathroom and kitchen as this is where the scrub starts.
Bath and shower walls must be scrubbed in the bathroom.
If you have a shower curtain, wash the shower curtain.
There are many special cleaners if you have tiles (
Environmental protection products)
Remove hard water stains and mildew and add the product to make them look shiny.
If you have a shower door, what I do with hard water stains is scrub with the glass cleaner I wrote above, and then wipe it clean with lemon oil that is usually used on the wood.
When you finish, the door will shine clearly.
Scrub the tub, sink and toilet like you might have done.
Clean mirrors and light fixtures.
Do it by using the required method to clean the floor and put down some clean carpets.
Kitchen, start at the top and work down: both lamps and kitchen curtains need to be cleaned.
If you put some monitors on the top of the cabinet, take them down and wash them and clean the top of the cabinet.
If you haven't taken everything out of the fridge recently and cleaned it up, it's time to do so.
Wash all the shelves, drawers and shelves on the refrigerator door.
When you finish inside, wash the whole outside, including pulling the refrigerator out of the wall.
There will be a lot of dust and dirt on the copper rinse behind and below the fridge.
Vacuum the condenser coil.
Most people have their own oven and of course I appreciate my oven because the stove is another thing I don't like.
If you are not self-cleaning, the easiest way is to use a spray cleaner and have it sit for the night.
The rest of the stove and Hood also needs to be cleaned.
Make sure you clean around the oven dial because the dust will pile up there and it won't always be too obvious.
The front of the cabinet needs to be cleaned or cleaned in any suitable way.
Clean the countertop and everything we sit on, like a toaster, a jar opener, a microwave, a jar set, a coffee pot, and more.
Really, if you haven't used the appliance in a week or two, you should probably find a place in the cupboard because the transparent counter is more attractive.
Another good idea is to re-
Tidy up your spice cabinet as you may do a lot of cooking during the holidays and make sure your baked goods are in good condition. . .
If you have a central vac (I wish)
Empty the central vacuum collection area.
Clean the electronic air cleaner before the heating season begins.
Check the humidifier and cleaning as needed, replace the filter.
Check the washing machine hose for bumps or cracks.
They can be replaced every year.
Check your dryer exhaust and built-in exhaust
Lint and other sundries.
It is good to have a stove check in the fall.
If you live where it snows, buy your salt and pile it up before it freezes on the sidewalk.
There is a supply furnace air filter on hand so you can replace it once a month as needed.
As you know, I'm not talking about the attic, the basement, or the garage.
If you start the cleaning process very quickly and leave space for the activity, it doesn't look so overwhelming and when you're done you feel like you 've made a lot of it.
Children of any age should help.
Usually the little guy wants help, more help than help, but it's all part of the family working together.
This is a good training for your child.
Under your guidance, the children can be responsible for their bedroom.
They can also get their own household chores list and then cross out the household chores when they are done.
We are finally done and it feels good to look around your house when things are clean and tidy.
So far, you already have a place for Christmas decorations.
It's time to polish silver and plan a holiday meal!
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