Richard Thalheimer, Chairman & CEO of The Sharper Image - best home air purifier

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Richard Thalheimer, Chairman & CEO of The Sharper Image  -  best home air purifier
This is a transcript from Neil kavato in your world in December 24, 2001.
Guest host Brenda batner: sales are growing in a clearer image.
The retailer, known for its gadgets and electronics, reports that its stores have increased passenger traffic and sales have also gained a boost from the company's many exclusive and popular products.
But is this enough to make a difference in this crucial season?
Now I'm joined by Richard tarheimer.
He is the founder, chairman and CEO of Sharper Image.
Thank you very much for joining me, sir.
Richard Taylor, chairman and CEO of sharper image: Thank you for inviting me.
So the business is good, right?
This is the case.
I think we are the exception to this year's rules.
We are really happy.
I'm a little surprised because you tend to be high-end.
Do you make price cuts like other stores?
Taylor: Surprisingly, our profit margin actually increased by more than two percentage points this year, so it's really good.
We did invite some of the lower priced, more useful products while really pushing our best-selling Ionic Breeze silent air purifier.
It's a hot project now, right?
This is the case.
It's a $350 item, so it's a good ticket.
Yes, that's what I want to say.
I mean, you're talking about a good price. -
A gift for $350
Taylor: There are two ideas.
I mean, one is that when you want to provide clean air for yourself or your child, you don't mind spending a reasonable price for the air purification system.
Another idea is that we have a lot of great items this year, $15, $30, $40.
Do you have one?
So, what are the more popular ones?
Tyler: Well, you know, something as simple as a small key chain --
This year's popular brightness flashlight.
Everyone wants to put those on the key chain because they make a big flashlight to do;
Or ours, you know, our stereo is good for $50 to $100.
Buttery: I would like to ask about your stock price because if it is an item it will be one of the hottest sellers in your store.
You rose 46% last month?
Tyler: Well, I think the people who went to the mall saw the number of people in our store and they saw the luggage leaving.
They realize that we are one of the few retailers that really get more than our share of traffic.
But the three of you
However, the annual average is not so much to brag about.
You're down 7% a year on average.
How do you turn things around?
Taylor: Well, you know, we recorded sales and revenue last year.
The popularity of Razor scooter makes you $1. 33.
Because this year can't be the same as last year's scratch, I think people have traded stocks.
Now it's back because they realize that the year is over and next year we're looking forward to a big step forward.
Buttery: What is the shaver next year?
Taylor Heimer: Well, I think we'll have a huge surprise in about a month, and I can't say today that people will be very excited about it.
Why not?
Come on, tell you the news here.
Taylor: come back in a month. Let's talk.
So finally, your next-
However, price items sell better than more expensive items?
Taylor: We 've really made a huge effort in the last three years to lower our price points so we can get into more shopping centers.
That's why we have added more stores this year than in the last 10 years.
Buttery: Okay.
We hope you will continue to succeed.
Thank you very much for joining us.
THALHEIMER: Thank you.
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