renovating? check out this green guide - indoor air cleaner

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renovating? check out this green guide  -  indoor air cleaner
When it comes to new homes, buyers looking for green solutions have a lot of options and resources.
In fact, there are a range of labels representing different levels of energy and/or resource efficiency and construction workers
Specific green features and benefits.
When it comes to home renovations, the green solution is not that simple as you are not starting from scratch.
Nevertheless, according to the recently published Home owner green decoration guide by the Canadian Association of Home Builders, any project, large and small, can take a step towards a greener, greener home.
The guide encourages homeowners to use green thinking when planning to make changes to their homes, not only to reduce the impact on the environment, but also to achieve a healthier and more comfortable living space, reduce monthly operating costs and increase value.
Guide encouraged in advance
Planning around three key areas of energy and water efficiency;
Clean indoor air, select resources
Smart materials and products.
Of all the green options, the most important thing so far is to save energy and water, because the decisions you make today will have a significant impact on the environment, not to mention your wallet for many years to come.
Renovation options include replacing or upgrading heating systems and/or windows with Energy Star certified products.
If your project includes opening the outer wall or re-
Wrap your home together and this is an opportunity to increase insulation.
From an indoor air quality point of view, the guide notes that the best way to do this is to use materials that help keep the indoor air clean and healthy, including solid wood cabinets and vanity tables
Finished hardwood floors and lowor no-
VOC coatings and adhesives, for example.
You can also choose to install the heating
A recovery ventilator that provides fresh air without additional heating costs.
In terms of resources-
The guide advises homeowners to look at products that are easily renewable or well renewable
Management sources such as flooring made from fast
Grow bamboo or sustainable harvested wood.
Locally produced products, more durable products, natural products and recycled products
Content materials are also encouraged.
It can be clearly seen from the Reading Guide that the green decoration is actually to plan and make positive choices in advance.
At this point, the most useful advice in the guide may be to make sure you do a good home energy audit in advance.
The energy audit will determine how your family uses energy, where energy is wasted, and what modifications are in line with federal funding under the ecosystemEnergy transformation-
Family-funded projects and parallel provincial projects.
Between these two projects, you can recover renovation costs up to $10,000, excluding a tax credit for house renovation up to $1,350.
The latter project will expire in early 2010, so if you 've been thinking about a renovation, it's time.
The final but most important decision is to choose your contractor.
Professional renovation member of BILD (
And hotels in Hamilton, Niagara, Waterloo area, London, Duffen, Durham, Barry and Peterborough)
Both are part of the RenoMark project under which they agree to comply with the code of ethics and renovation in the construction industry --
Specific code of conduct.
The RenoMark contractor also undertakes to provide, among other things, detailed written scope of work, with at least two copies-
All applicable licenses and insurance are provided.
Professional decorators know how to put everything together, how to match old and new, and how to integrate the state --of-the-
Art and Technology with the existing structure of your home.
To see the owner's guide to green decoration, visit renomark.
Ca, click on big Toronto, then click on ecologyRenos.
Stephen Dupuis is the chairman and CEO of the construction and land development association.
The views expressed are the views of the president.
Email: President @ bildgtaca.
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