Putting on your car's winter coat - household air cleaner

by:Yovog     2020-02-20
Putting on your car\'s winter coat  -  household air cleaner
It's hard enough to drive under sleet, so drivers should help themselves by checking their cars and getting ready for winter.
AAA-approved car repair manager Mike karkins breaks down this annual household chores into three categories: "You won't go far if you can't drive, so you should start with the battery . "
Any battery over three years should be tested.
Dirt on the battery can capture moisture that can act as a conductor and leak electricity from the battery.
Cleaning the batteries is safe and easy, just disconnect the terminals and clean them and the battery columns with a brush, warm water and baking soda.
Use household cleaners to remove any dirt and dirt from the top and side of the battery.
Check the owner's manual to understand the frequency of maintenance required for the cooling system;
Newer cars usually do not need to be washed out as often as older cars do.
For a cold climate, it is recommended to use an equivalent mixture of antifreeze and water, carkins said.
Cars in cold weather usually use more power to power the lights, heaters, and rear
The window defroster that can tighten the engine belt.
Have the mechanic check the belt for proper tension or do-it-
You can bring your own.
Work with a tension meter.
Check the radiator hose while you are there.
Once you start the car, you need to see where you are going, which can be difficult if it snows or has fog.
Carkins said it is important that drivers often ignore the goal of checking their headlights.
"If it's snowing outside, if the headlights are aiming to go straight up, that doesn't do you much good.
It's easy to test and it doesn't take a long time to adjust, "says karkins.
If the windshield is covered with dirt, salt or ice on the road, reduced visibility will make driving dangerous.
There is always an ice scraper in the car, otherwise you have to wait for the heater to unfreeze the windshield.
When the weather starts to get cold, it's time to replace the wiper blades with winter blades, with a rubber cover on the winter blades to prevent icing on the blades.
The time to replace the wiper blade is also the time to refill the cleaning fluid using an antifreeze mixture.
Check the level every time you fill the gas tank.
The tradition of winter is to replace wiper blades and pay attention to cleaning fluid, but who needs air conditioning in winter?
"In winter, when moisture accumulates on the windshield, you can use the air conditioner as a dehumidifier.
Therefore, it is important to ensure that the air conditioner is in good condition, "said karkins.
Drivers with a mild climate should check the tire for a suitable tread depth.
A quick and easy test is to take a penny, Abe Lincoln's head down and put it on the tread.
If the tread covers any part of Lincoln's head, the tire is fine.
But if you can see the whole head of Lincoln or part of the "God We Trust", it's time to get a new tire.
For those who drive in a snowy climate, carkins suggests changing snow tires.
To avoid having to reinstall and balance tires every year, buy a cheap set of steel wheels for snow tires and replace them when the season changes.
When you get off the bus, check whether there is corrosion around the brake pads calipers and sliding pins.
Any pads with more than 60% wear should be replaced.
Whether you need a snow tire or not, it is important to keep the proper tire pressure.
The cold weather reduces tire pressure, resulting in lower control and fuel efficiency;
Proper air pressure levels are usually printed on the inside edge of the driver's door or in the owner's manual.
Sometimes, no matter how good a car you have prepared for the winter weather, things will go wrong, so have a first aid kit with food and water, blankets, road flare, sand to pull a folding camp shovel, tire chain, flashlight, etc.
"The best things are AAA cards and phones," karkins suggested . ".
"We will pick you up.
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