post diwali, air purifiers see 40% jump in sales | delhi news - times of india - best indoor air purifier

by:Yovog     2019-08-06
post diwali, air purifiers see 40% jump in sales | delhi news - times of india  -  best indoor air purifier
New Delhi: after Diwali, when air pollution in Delhi reached an extremely dangerous level, shops reported a surge in sales of air purifiers.
Many even claim 30-
It has increased by 40% since then.
Manufacturers also said they would get a lot of questions earlier, but few would end up buying an air purifier that claims to filter air pollutants.
Vibhor Jain, CEO of Atlanta Healthcare, told TOI that most companies are not in stock now.
Most of the sales were after Diwali, Jain said, when the situation became as bad as the smog in London in December 1952.
Blue Air South Asia and West Asia director Girish Garrett, who specializes in air purification technology, confirmed the trend.
Philips, another manufacturing company, said sales at the NCR one week after the Lantern Festival were the same as reported from April to October 2016.
Is the air purifier really effective?
According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA)
The best way to solve pollution is to control the source of pollution.
While air cleaning equipment may help control levels of allergens, particles, or gas contaminants in indoor air, these devices may not reduce the adverse effects of indoor air pollutants on health, it said.
Anumita Roy Chowdhury, executive director (
Research and publicity)
The Center for Science and Environment says air purifiers are the best personal protection in desperate situations.
In order to make the air purifier more effective, people reduce ventilation.
She warned that this could lead to an increase in carbon dioxide content in the room.
Dr. mukherah, Senior Advisor (
Internal Medicine)
At the Patparganj Max Hospital, he said something was better than nothing.
I recommend that most of the patients who stay indoors use air purifiers.
It helps clean the dust particles, allergens and particulate substances in the air that can aggravate asthma and bronchitis, he said.
However, many doctors advocate cheaper methods, such as regularly cleaning houses with the help of vacuum pumps, removing carpets and curtains to improve indoor air.
Indoor plants are recommended. âx80x9cLow-
Light requiring indoor plants and activated carbon plant filters has demonstrated the potential to improve indoor air quality by removing trace organic contaminants in the air in energy-saving buildings.
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