peppino fumagalli - home appliance manufacturer

by:Yovog     2019-08-21
peppino fumagalli  -  home appliance manufacturer
In the 1980 s, British football fans became familiar with the name of home appliance maker candy, as it was printed on the shirt of the time leadership team Liverpool.
When Ian Rush makes another goal, or Alan Hansen gets another trophy, the club's sponsors can congratulate themselves on connecting the company with success.
In Italy, the brand's cultural ties remain strong.
Because at the age of 1950, Candy made the first washing machine, which freed millions of Italian housewives from their daily drudgery.
Candy sa to si fa-
"Candy knows how it's done "-
Slogans still widely remembered today.
The driving force behind the company is Peppino Fumagalli.
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