people suffer as air action plan gathers dust in ahmedabad | ahmedabad news - times of india - household air cleaner

by:Yovog     2020-02-20
people suffer as air action plan gathers dust in ahmedabad | ahmedabad news - times of india  -  household air cleaner
After three years of drafting, ahmedabad's air action plan is collecting dust on bureaucratic shelves, although the latest study of Lancet shows that 32% of the state's population is at risk of respiratory disease, such as chronic pulmonary disease (COPD)and asthma.
In 2016 alone, The Lancet study reported that about 430 million people died of chronic allergic asthma in the treatment of chronic pulmonary disease and the death toll increased to 9,000.
The figure is calculated according to the level of epidemiology transition (ETL)—
Changes in mortality from medical advances-
And years of disability adjustment (DALY).
But the real danger is here.
Percentage of citizens exposed to environmental particulate matter hazards in Gujarat (PM 1, PM2. 5 and PM 10)
More people than smoking in Gujarat.
The proportion of people at risk of lung disease due to smoking is close to 21%.
Analysis of 150 patients at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in August (SGRH)
New Delhi, by lung Care Foundation (LCF)
Nearly 50% lung cancer patients were found to have never smoked but developed into lung disease. PM 2.
Particles of 5 or less than 2.
When inhaled, the size of 5 microns is 30 times thinner than that of human hair.
When these blood enters our blood, they cause cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.
In September, a Lancet study on patterns of cardiovascular disease change in India found that air pollution was the third-largest risk factor for cardiovascular disease in more than 32% men and 29% women, after eating habits and high blood pressure.
Another study by Lancet found that outdoor pollution was classified as cancer.
International Agency for Research on Cancer, 2013 (IARC)
A member of the World Health Organization
Not just outdoor particulate contamination, nearly 19% Gujarat are at risk of chronic lung obstruction from home air pollution due to the lack of cleaner cooking fuel, while 7.
5% of the population is exposed to the risk of environmental ozone pollution, and about 15% are exposed to occupational particulate matter.
"Exposure to ozone can cause inflammation in the lungs, making Amdavadis vulnerable to bacteria and virus infection," said Dr. Tushar Patel, a lung expert . ".
He added, "the smoke from diesel and industrial smoke, road dust, construction activities, nearly 400 foundry and two major thermal power plants is the reason we see a sharp rise in chronic lung disease.
KC Mistry, GPCB Member Secretary, told TOI, "AAP is ready and a committee has been set up.
Once successfully implemented at Ahmedabad, AAP will be promoted to other cities in the state.
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