penang receives rm2.58mil for flood victims - small electrical appliances

by:Yovog     2019-08-31
penang receives rm2.58mil for flood victims  -  small electrical appliances
The state government received a total of 2 million yuan.
58mil from the government of Selangor, Johor Daru TA Zam (JDT)
Football clubs and five organizations that help flood victims in the state.
Donations from Selangor (RM1mil), JDT (RM500,000)
Charity Fund committee of Penang China Chamber of Commerce (RM800,000)
Luma belhalla cold Tian Keang of Selangor (RM100,000)
Federation of Malaysian associations for moral advancement (RM80,000)
Penang Zhixun association for moral improvement (RM60,000)
Federation of Taiwan University Alumni Association of Malaysia (RM40,000).
Chief Minister Lin Guanying, who witnessed the cheque, thanked the organizations on behalf of the state government and flood victims.
He also thanked Crown Prince Johor dongku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim for his donation to assist the flood victims.
JDT has won the Malaysia Cup and Premier League this season.
At the same press conference, Steven Sim, MP for Bukit Mertajam, said several associations and businesses have joined the Penang recovery flood relief program.
He said the Malaysian Medical Association has 59 clinics across the state (Penang Branch)
Penang Medical Practitioners Association will provide free medical care for flood victims.
Free medical care is expected from today until December 10, he said, adding that the list of clinics providing such services will be uploaded to www. penangbangkit. com.
Sim said the pensonick group will also provide 700 rice cookers for the rescue center.
He said that for any small appliances that the company is still under warranty, Pensonic will provideto-
An exchange, depending on the inventory of flood victims registered by the state government.
"For those with a void warranty, Pensonic will offer free labor and a 50% discount on parts.
"The group will also offer a 50% discount on some household appliances at a lower price than normal.
"This applies to flood victims registered by the state government," he said . ".
Purchases and services are only available at the Pensonic headquarters at Bukit Minyak and Keat Radio, per road, from now until November 30.
If you have any inquiries, please call Pensonic Careline 1800-881-770.
The Huali appliance chain offers free labor costs for all appliance repairs and services, Sim said.
"For items that cannot be repaired, state-registered flood victims can choose at 12-
Monthly 0% installment package.
"They will absorb the first and second purchases," he said . " It is valid from now until November 30, he added.
Meanwhile, State Executive Commissioner Phee Boon Poh said people affected by the floods on the 15 th will receive a copy
Payment for RM400 on 19 and November 18.
They will announce the collection points today, he said, adding that more than 200 families were transferred to 11 evacuation centers at the time.
"We have received registration from 7,037 households and store operators who are eligible for this registration --
Unpaid amount of 2 yuan. 8mil.
"Hopefully the money will help those who have damaged their businesses, houses and cars in the flood.
"The collection time starts at 9. 30am to 3. 30pm.
"They will be notified by phone," he said . ".
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