outdoor air purifier project gathers dust - carbon air purifier

by:Yovog     2019-07-15
outdoor air purifier project gathers dust  -  carbon air purifier
While the Delhi government is considering installing an outdoor air purifier at a traffic junction, it turns out that it was on hold for five years when the city last tried such a project.
Before the Commonwealth Games, the New Delhi Municipal Council set up an air filtration station in 2010.
The purifier was installed free of charge by a company called System Life in March 6, 2010 outside the Palica market in the dry land.
For about 18 months, the machine cleans 10,000 of the air per hour.
The system works by cleaning the particulate matter and gas in polluted air with fabric filters, activated carbon boxes and electrostatic filters.
According to Dhruv Chanana, India's director of system life, the machine was running until October 18, 2011 before it was removed.
"Because no one was willing to accept the need for clean air, it was removed," he said . "
Chanana added that if the NDMC continues to use more of these purifiers, pollution levels in the region will be reduced.
Nevertheless, the authorities remain silent about the effectiveness of such a project. Dr. P. K.
Sharma, health care officer at the NDMC, said it was a pilot project and was not approved as necessary to continue.
"This is a free demo for the company.
It needs approval from the Central Pollution Control Commission and Delhi Pollution Control Commission before continuing the project.
We haven't received it yet, "said Dr. Sharma.
Three scientists from Italy, including scientists from the University of Modena, conducted a 95% efficiency analysis of the air samples in the experiment.
Their report was submitted to the NDMC and then to the DPCC.
It is reported that one of them is related to Hinduism, a total of 2.
12 kg of the particles were stranded within 860 hours, and the filtration efficiency of the system was.
The report concludes that the "appropriate number of systems "(
Connaught Square about 22)
Air quality in an area can be improved.
Working under the leadership of the Delhi government's environmental and forest sector, the DPCC made no comment on the efficiency of the system, according to a letter from one of the scientists to the life of the system on October 12, 2010.
According to the letter, the DPCC did not comment on the report because it "did not conduct a specific study ".
However, the experience of the NDMC project has been used by activists to question the AAP government's proposal to install outdoor air purifiers.
Anumita Roychowdhury, head of the air pollution and clean transport project at the Science and Environment Center, said the air purifier works in a restricted environment, "but outdoor air is a complex chemical reaction, dynamic mode of movement ".
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