obama to u.s. businesses: 'now is the time to invest in america' - small appliance manufacturers

by:Yovog     2019-07-14
obama to u.s. businesses: \'now is the time to invest in america\'  -  small appliance manufacturers
President Obama has called on Americans to build a sense of patriotism. S.
Business leaders began investing on Monday and have been stocking up cash, which will create domestic jobs.
In a speech in the United StatesS.
Obama acknowledged that the government needs to provide the best possible policy environment for American companies to be competitive.
He cited some of the actions taken and proposed by his government in these areas.
But he says his main message is for business leaders to take action to create jobs and more business activities in the United States. S.
The president acknowledged that senior executives of the company were responsible to shareholders.
But he urged them to consider more than just the balance sheet when making decisions --making.
In conveying this message, he agreed with President John F.
Kennedy's famous inaugural address called on Americans to unite and act for the cause of the country: later, the president set out his main point: the last point will be the key to business leaders.
While they are as patriotic as the next American, the impact on their highest incomes and profits is that rubber must be in line with the path of business people.
The headquarters of the conference hall is only a few hundred yards away from the White House.
They were so physically close that Obama told his audience that he went to the scene of the speech.
But as close as the chamber is to the White House, there is a great psychological distance between the two.
The president's visit is yet another in a series of actions aimed at improving the relationship between his government and the business community, which is seen fairly or unfairly as hostile to the interests of the company.
At the height of the speech, for example, Obama mentioned his new White House chief of staff, William Daley, a senior official at JPMorgan Chase in the Midwest who served as commerce minister during the Clinton administration.
Naming Daley as the job is considered an important signal for Obama, and he is serious, to say.
Obama also used the speech to defend sound federal regulations and his health care law.
In terms of regulation, Mr. Obama cited several historical examples. S.
Businesses warn that their industry or the United States will suffer. S.
It is now taken for granted that regulations are implemented.
He said: Obama gave an example of the federal government's energy efficiency requirements for refrigerators.
These regulations have prompted home appliance manufacturers to not only improve the efficiency of refrigerators, but also facilitate consumers.
At the same time, innovation also greatly reduces the sales price of consumers.
At the same time, the president said manufacturers have not only met federal targets, but have consistently exceeded them.
The president also defended the new health care law, which aims to create a better competitive environment for companies.
House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio)
He does not believe the Obama administration supports his argument.
An excerpt from a statement issued by his office: one of Obama's obvious challenges to patriotism is that while it may work with some American business leaders, globalization means many of the United States. S.
Business owned and operated by non-companiesAmericans.
Therefore, the president's appeal for patriotism may reduce the appeal for them. Also, the U. S.
It's not the only big economy that has to do with hiring.
The Chinese government is also under great pressure.
This is also one of the main reasons why the Chinese are trying to lower the RMB exchange rate and give Chinese products a competitive advantage in the global market.
Some critics may accuse the Obama administration of economic nationalism, which is the same as the US administration. S.
Accusing China has weakened the US argument that China should change its practices.
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