new italian appliance manufacturer brings radical italian design to north american market - home appliance manufacturer

by:Yovog     2019-08-22
new italian appliance manufacturer brings radical italian design to north american market  -  home appliance manufacturer
The latest ultra brand Forzapremium pro-
Fashion culinary appliances is proud to announce its debut in the United States, specializing in the power, performance and vibrant Italian design produced for the North American market.
Featuring passion and timeless craftsmanship, Forza offers high-end kitchen appliances
Performing arts and aesthetics.
Forza represents the climax of the 60-year culinary heritage and innovation of Glem Gas --
The Italian company that launched the brand.
"We know that the US market is competitive and that's why we are happy to offer truly unique products," said Marco Guerzoni, director of marketing and product development at Forza . ".
"Although our design is very bold-sports cars --
These products are not only masterpieces of aesthetics, but also inspired colors and clean lines.
They also bring proven strength and performance to make them at the heart of any luxury kitchen.
"Tweet: a new brand of Italian ultrapremium pro-
ForzaCucina announced its debut in the United States.
Forza kitchen appliances with high
Performing arts and aesthetics.
It was invented by the Americans of Glem Gas, a name widely known in the world since 1959.
High quality Glem gas manufacturing
The performance embodies the culinary utensils of Italian craftsmanship, embracing the performance and elegance.
Glem Gas, the mainstay of kitchens around the world, continues to imagine and realize appliances as compelling and original as those who cook with them.
This is by far the philosophy that has led to its most innovative achievements: Forza ultra-
Advanced cooking equipment.
Design and build in the famous Emilia Center-
Romagna region of Modena, Italy, blessed SA appliances all over the world
Famous chef Massimo Bottura has built a culinary empire and legendary luxury brands of Ferrari, Maserati and Pagani.
"It's original in every way, and Forza cooking utensils don't look and perform like you 've seen before," Guerzoni said . ".
"The Forza product, with its deep traditional and modern exquisite design, is dedicated to the proposition that substantially carving lines, inspired colors and superior performance will enhance every culinary experience.
"The original Forza product range includes 30-and 36-inch pro-
High style gas range in seven bold color options
Performance hood under three height variations (
11, 18, 24 inch)
A powerful, but quiet 24-Dishwasher in inches.
For more information about this new range of appliances, please visit forzacucina. com.
About the Italian design and super that ForzaForza provides dynamicpremium, pro-
Style of cooking utensils.
Design and build in the famous Emilia Center-
In the area of Romana in Modena, Italy, Forza appliances include pro-
Gas stove in style, high
Performance hood and powerful energy
Efficient dishwasher.
Forza is an American brand of parent company Glem Gas, which has been producing high
For more than 60 years, perform electrical appliances that embody the spirit of Italian craftsmanship.
For more information about Forza, please visit forzacucina. com.
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