natural remedies for mold & mildew allergies - hepa air cleaner

by:Yovog     2019-07-20
natural remedies for mold & mildew allergies  -  hepa air cleaner
When the immune system mistakenly reacts to mold spores, mold and mold allergies occur, causing symptoms such as itchy eyes, sneezing and fatigue.
Anti-allergic drugs such as antigroup agents and anti-volume drugs can help relieve mold allergy symptoms, but may lead to unwanted side effects including dry mouth and calm.
Although there is no known treatment for mold and mildew allergies, natural therapy may help relieve symptoms while reducing overall stress on the immune system.
Eating food that is fermented or contains mold may worsen the symptoms of a small number of sensitive individuals.
According to the American Foundation for asthma and allergy, fermented foods, such as red wine, can trigger the release of tissue amine by contracting blood vessels, resulting in increased allergic symptoms.
The actual allergic reaction of fungi in food is very small, and for people with mold and mildew allergies, this reaction is not necessarily more prone to occur.
Foods with high sugar content may promote excessive growth of yeast in the body, thus interfering with digestion and immune function.
To help reduce the severity of mold allergies, limit the number of fermented foods in your diet.
Avoid mushrooms, yeast and other fungi, if you have symptoms after eating cheese and other foods with mold, limit their intake.
Monitor your reaction to alcoholic beverages, black tea, bread and vinegar and adjust your intake of these substances accordingly.
Herbs and have resistance
Fungal properties help to relieve the symptoms of mold and mold allergy.
Garlic is the most famous
Fungus herbs are available.
According to the National Institutes of Health, garlic contains compounds ajeone that inhibit the growth of fungi and fungi.
Others have resistance
Fungal effects include oregano oil, oregano oil and tea tree oil.
Nutritional supplements, including vitamin C and selenium, can also help alleviate allergic symptoms by enhancing the immune system. Over-the-
The opposite supplements may lead to dangerous side effects and interactions with other herbs and medicines.
To prevent negative reactions, please consult your doctor before taking herbal or nutritional supplements.
Reducing exposure prevention is the best way to treat mold and mildew allergies.
Reducing mold spores exposed to the home environment is an important factor in the treatment of allergic reactions.
To control the humidity, a dehumidifier is used in a damp room, including a bathroom and a basement.
Keep the vents and fans clean and consider purchasing an air purifier with a HEPA filter to help remove mold spores from the air.
Keep the ditch clear debris and solve the leakage problem within 48 hours to prevent water damage and mold growth in a large area.
Pay close attention to local allergen predictions and avoid outdoor activities when the number of mold spores is the highest.
Wear a mask when raking leaves or doing yard work and keep the windows closed at home and in the car to prevent additional mold spores from being exposed.
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