NASA Patches Air-Purifying System on Space Station - personal air purifier

by:Yovog     2019-08-08
NASA Patches Air-Purifying System on Space Station  -  personal air purifier
Cape canaveral, Florida.
-A space station air purifier closed at the worst time and started working again on Sunday when the company was still visiting and putting on-
The number of board members reached a record 13.
The restoration of flight controllers, although temporary, is a huge relief for NASA.
Even carbon dioxide-
Flight director Brian Smith said the dismantling system was still broken and that the space shuttle Endeavour did not have to be separated from the International Space Station in advance.
But he said the system needs to work hard to support six station residents in the long run.
Machines used to clean the atmosphere of stations in the United StatesS.
On one side of this huge outpost, the weather was too hot on Saturday, the circuit breaker tripped and failed.
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Space Center of Com
After 1/2 hours, the flight controller successfully starts and runs again in manual mode.
This means more people are needed for task control. six each day —
Handle about 50 computer commands that need to be sent every few hours.
The system runs automatically.
Engineers hope to come up with a software solution soon for the system to recover automatically, Smith said. An air-
The cleaning system on the Russian side of the station works fine.
In addition, the station has about three weeks of tanks to remove the carbon dioxide emitted by six crew members.
If the United States permits, astronauts will rely on these jars to prevent the early departure of the Endeavour from docking. S. carbon-
The carbon dioxide removal machine was not guided back into operation.
According to the original plan, the shuttle and seven crew members will leave on Tuesday.
Before leaving, the space shuttle astronauts had to do the fifth and last spacewalk.
During the space walk on Monday, Christopher Cassidy and Thomas hobburn will rearrange some power cable connections, folding a pop-up-
Install insulation on the space station's smaller, nimble robot arm, and install TV cameras on the new porch of the Japanese space station lab. A spare carbon-
At the same time, the carbon dioxide removal system will be launched at the end of August in the next shuttle flight, and the plan has been implemented long before the troubles of this weekend.
NASA has finished extensive testing of fuel tank foam insulation and everything looks good so far.
Engineers want to make sure that the insulation is properly connected after a large amount of foam was lost during the launch of Endeavour on July 15.
The test delayed the task of discovery for a week.
It is now scheduled to take off on August.
It was 25 years old.
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