My picks for the 10 most promising products unveiled at CES 2016 - home appliance manufacturer

by:Yovog     2019-08-18
My picks for the 10 most promising products unveiled at CES 2016  -  home appliance manufacturer
For big events like CES 2016, it's easy to get really annoyed because vendors keep pushing you articles about less good products.
However, this does not mean that CES has no value at all, but rather that you have to filter out truly promising products from products that are a waste of time.
The 10 products announced on CES 2016 really caught my eye this year and I think they have the potential to really go somewhere in the next few years.
Let's see.
How to disable Binge On and stop T-
Mobile devices won't limit your video, so it's not so much a wireless standard as a real product.
However, this is also the most important long-term
Because it will enable us to communicate better between all the different devices in the home. 802.
11ah is the new Wi-
The Fi standard announced at CES 2016 that it promised to Wi-
Also use less power.
All in all, this standard will be the adhesive for smart home in the future.
While Tesla is the much-hyped electric vehicle manufacturer so far, with the release of the 2016 Chevrolet Bolt 2017, GM has caused some buzz at CES 2017.
The car can travel about 200 miles per car, and more importantly, it is priced at $30,000, encouraged by the government.
LG opened its eyes on CES 2016 this year and launched 18-
The company says the inch flexible display can be rolled up like a newspaper.
Devices like last year's Samsung Galaxy S6 edge show us some potential for curved displays, but monitors that can actually roll up or fold take these innovations to a whole new level, I can't wait to see the apps LG has developed for this technology.
Drone is a big hit at CES 2016 this year, the most impressive of which is the manufacturer Parrot, which has released a new disco drone.
Unlike most drones on the market, disco is a completely fixed
Wing aircraft, which can fly at a speed of 50 miles per hour and can stay in the air for 45 minutes at a time.
The parrot says the drone can also fly intelligently to avoid hitting objects that may be on its path.
It doesn't have a release date and price yet, but you can bet that it will be high on the list of things many amateurs will buy this year.
This is a good idea for PC gaming platforms that can also be used as daily laptops.
Basically, Razer's Blade Stealth laptop is designed to be a stylish ultrabook that can be carried with you wherever you go.
When you want to be a powerful gaming PC, you can plug it into the core dock and give it all to you when playing your favorite PC game on max settings
I can't believe I included this, either.
Yes, it's a fridge for $5,000 . . . . . . But it's great.
This fridge has a huge touch screen and built-in
In stereo speakers, so you can play your favorite music or watch your favorite Netflix show with a connection to the Samsung Smart TV.
Thanks to the collaboration with MasterCard, it also allows you to shop directly from the touch screen, which will allow you to order food from multiple retailers.
Although this refrigerator is not for everyone, it is also the first kitchen appliance that came out at CES and even gave me a strong interest.
This is a considerable achievement.
The same was true of drones last year.
At CES this year, a Chinese company called EHang released the first aerial drone that will allow you to ride.
The EHang 184 is equipped with sensors designed to help it avoid any potential hazards in the air and can manually control the device from the inside using a simple tablet interface.
While this drone looks incredible, I think it will take a while for us to see it listed in the USS.
Because the FAA may not be in a hurry for everyone to fly around in their own mini-aircraft. helicopters.
The Samsung TV is really good.
Samsung unveiled its new flagship suhd TV series at CES 2016, which will start later this year in sizes ranging from 49 inch to 88 inch.
What makes these TVs really different is their curved borders.
The free Monitor will provide you with beautiful 4 k resolution.
The new suhd TV will be equipped with Samsung's Tizen operating system, which includes several key features such as SmartHub, which is the access point for you to watch everything, whether on Netflix or Hulu, or on ordinary Internet TV.
The new TV will start shipping on the 3 Th.
Samsung does bring heat in SSD technology, and its new Portable SSD T3 offers up to 2 tb of storage, packaged in more than two ounces of palm-sized, smaller-weight devices
Portable SSD T3 is compatible with USB 3. 1 and USB 2.
0, with sequential transmission speeds up to 450 Mbps, including AES 256-
Bit hardware encryption.
How much can our TV be thin?
LG is trying to answer the question with its new LG iconic oled TV, which is only 2 in size.
5mm thick, or the same thickness as four stacked credit cards.
The TV runs on webOS.
LG acquired the dead smartphone operating system from HP for its own home appliances and entertainment products.
LG said that although pricing information has not yet been released, the new TV will be launched in the third quarter.
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