metro vancouver issues air quality advisory due to smoke from wildfires - air cleaner

by:Yovog     2020-02-01
metro vancouver issues air quality advisory due to smoke from wildfires  -  air cleaner
The Vancouver metro company has released an air quality advisory report because of fine particulate matter in the smoke generated by the wildfire that invaded the area.
People with chronic illnesses are warned to avoid strenuous exercise or stay indoors.
Health officials say exposure is a particularly worrying issue for infants, the elderly, and people with lung, heart disease, or diabetes.
Roger Quan, director of air quality at Metro Vancouver, said the area did not believe it was necessary to issue a consultation on Sunday morning as smoke was lifted high.
But over time, he says, the airflow speeds up and "vertically mixes" more.
"There are similar reports of smoke concentrations on Vancouver Island.
Those who wish to monitor changes in air quality can find real-time readings on and www. bcairquality. ca.
What is fine particulate matter?
Fine particles refer to airborne solid or liquid droplets with a diameter of 2. 5 micrometres (μm)or less.
Also known as PM2. 5. PM2.
In busy roads, industrial operations, major ports, and areas where residential wood burns, the concentration is often the highest. PM2.
Because of its small size, it is easy to penetrate the interior.
Tips for reducing personal health risks.
Avoid crowded roads and areas with wood smoke.
Keep cool and drink plenty of water.
Continue to manage medical conditions such as asthma, chronic respiratory diseases and heart failure.
If the symptoms continue to be annoying, please seek medical care in the cool air
Reduce indoor pollution sources such as smoking and vacuuming.
Run the air purifier.
Some indoor air purifiers, such as HEPA filters, can help reduce the level of particles in indoor air
Large indoor volume, outdoor air into a limited air-conditioned building.
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