make your home healthier with dyson's new 'pure cool' air purifying fans - indoor air cleaner

by:Yovog     2019-07-25
make your home healthier with dyson\'s new \'pure cool\' air purifying fans  -  indoor air cleaner
Dyson, a vacuum cleaner manufacturer, announced its latest product range
In order to solve the problem of indoor air pollution and make the families in the world cleaner and safer, pure cold air purification fans are installed.
Fans showed their expertise in airflow, filtration and electronics at an event in New York on Tuesday, saying they captured trapped gas at home, as well as 99 gases.
The ultra-fine grain of 95% is as small as 0.
1 micron, "clean the whole family room correctly ".
British home technology innovation has warned that pollution sources such as urban pollution, particulate matter and pollen can enter homes, and indoor paint and soot with cleaning products, pet dandruff and decomposed feces, scented candles and other indoor pollution sources.
"Most of the air we consume is indoors and we spend 90% of our time, but it may contain tiny particles that are invisible to the human eye," Dyson said . ".
"As modern families become more sealed in order to meet energy efficiency requirements, contaminants may be trapped indoors and airflow cycles may be affected.
New production line in Dyson
Therefore, it was said that the pure cooling purification fan "automatically cleans the entire family room correctly" and was able to do so because they designed them to go beyond the test room conditions and focus on the real family conditions.
"It's not just an efficient filter," the company added . ".
"When Dyson engineers started designing purification fans, their research concluded that you also need to automatically perceive pollution incidents to properly clean the entire family room;
Capture ultra-fine pollutants;
Use air multiplication technology to project cleaner air around the room.
Only Dyson purification fans are designed and tested to complete all of this.
"In order to achieve what they are starting to do, the new purification fans are full of new technologies.
First, there is a new LCD display that shows the user which particles and fans are automatically sensed in real time, thanks to Dyson's unique algorithm, which handles inputs from three sensors, air quality readings are then displayed.
Then, there are laser sensors to measure and detect superparticles.
This detects the amount of VOCs (
Volatile organic compounds emitted from paint, burning candles and furniture materials, such as benzene and formaldehyde)
And there are no 2.
The third and last sensor then measures relative humidity and temperature.
A modified filter is also included in Dyson's new healthy home device that captures particulate matter and gas.
In this higher and deeper filter, the HEPA medium has increased by 60%, and it has three times the activated carbon that can absorb gases, odors, household smoke and VOCs. “[The]
9 M condensed and sealed borosilicate microfiber filter capture 99.
The particle pollution of 95% is as small as 0.
1 micron, "Dyson said.
"It includes allergens, bacteria, pollen and mold.
The activated carbon filter then improves the absorption efficiency by removing gases including NO2, formaldehyde and benzene.
However, the best function of the new fan may be diffusion airflow or purification-
Only mode, can be used when you want to purify the air but don't want the cold air to blow on you.
Perfect for winter.
It also claims to be the only air multiplier technology and 350-
Degree oscillation, it can project clean air to every corner of the room.
"By expanding the degree of oscillation to 350 degrees and using air multiplier technology, the machine can project 290 liters of purified air to every corner of the room per second," Dyson claims . ".
The introduction of pure cool fans by the pond shows the increasing attention of British technology companies to health technology space and smart home.
The new Pure Cool fan also syncs with the Dyson Link app for iOS and Android, enabling users to track indoor and outdoor pollution, temperature and humidity levels.
You can also use it to control your machine and see how many hours of filter life you have left.
The pure cool fan offers floor placement in a big tower style, and the worktops and floors are in small table format and can be purchased from the Dyson store or the Dyson store. co.
Britain has been in the UK since March 26. 99 in the UK.
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